Chanel’s last words


This is a rather unsettling article about Chanel Petro-Nixon’s last known words on MySpace before her body was found…

August 14, 2006 — A tragic Brooklyn teen whose body was found in a Dumpster six weeks ago left an eerily chilling note to a pal only days before her gruesome murder.

“I LOVE YOU,” studious 16-year-old Chanel Petro Nixon wrote to her friend on her page on the popular Web site “If you were killed tomorrow, I’m sorry I wouldn’t be able to come to your funeral cuz I’d be in jail for killing the person who did it.”

Her murder was just profiled on AMW and I wish I would have seen it but it was pre-empted locally for pre-season football.

I hope her killer is brought to justice soon.

3 thoughts on “Chanel’s last words”

  1. hi i don’t know if you were aware that chanel also hada page its similar to myspace if thats any help i have a page and i looked her up by chanel petro and she popped up.


  2. Each time I look this case up my biggest hope is that the family has finally found peace. It is very hard for anyone to be able to move forward when they have so many unanswered questions. I guess this case disturbs me so much because I am a mother with my two oldest daughters being almost 20 and 18 and it would kill me for something like this to happen to one of them let alone not know what happened to them or knew what they were going through during the horrible time they had been taken away from me/ I strongly feel that a female was responsible for this and it is not uncommon for girls to befriend others for dirty deeds no more than a man do. The people that she probably thought she could trust could have verily well betrayed her. It is very strange I would think like so many that a young lady could come up missing in broad daylight on a busy street without anyone knowing or seeing anything. If it was someone that she trusted now that would be hard to see if anything tragic look like it was going to take place. My heart goes out deeply to this family as well as another young lady that is from New York who went down to Florida and have a good time with friends only to never return to her family or for her body to ever be seen again. This I think is the hardest thing for a person to deal with the not knowing. It can make one feel that they are stuck and will never move from the place they are in until they get some of the answers they are seeking.


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