Blame only one

Kimveer Gill — perhaps he was just evil:

Kimveer Gill is not society’s victim:

The first article is from a right-wing Canadian website. Wait, there are right-wingers in Canada? Just kidding Canucks. And the second article is from Kimveer Gill’s high school English teacher. Both articles are along the same lines.

First from the right-wing article. While I don’t agree necessarily with how they got their point across I do agree with their point…

More importantly, Kimveer Gill will never be blamed for the actions of Kimveer Gill. The notion that Gill was just an evil man and that he and not the gun registry, violent video games and the Goth culture were responsible for the carnage will be rejected by the masses as being too simplistic; too George Bush-like. In a society where many people can’t recognize the evil of Islamofascism, it is too much to expect people to recognize the evil of what was once Kimveer Gill.

In the end, all that was responsible for the actions of Kimveer Gill was Kimveer Gill.

And now the article from Gill’s teacher, one Ms. Freda Lewkowicz…

But the litany of blame omitted someone, and there’s only one person who should be blamed for Kimveer Gill’s school rampage on Sept. 14.

Only one angel of death can dance on the head of this pin of sorrow and that is Kimveer Gill.

He is responsible for shooting 20 students and killing 18-year-old Anastasia De Sousa. He should not be permitted to become a victim.

It’s great to see that some people still actually believe in personal responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Blame only one”

  1. Left wing… Rght wing whatever. Kimveer Gill was sick. shows the real deal. Only YOU can decide what is right and wrong behaviour. If you feel unsafe… SAY SOMETHING!!!!

    Someone will listen.


  2. “Gill knew for a certainty that the cable news networks, desperate for news, would give him prominence. ”

    How does he know what Gill knew or thought he knew? That’s bogus.


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