A tout le monde

Megadeth defends music Dawson College gunman loved:

I am a huge Megadeth fan. I didn’t even know that Kimveer Gill had referenced one of my favorite Megadeth songs in his lunatic ravings. I was pissed when I found out. I can only imagine how pissed Dave Mustaine was…

In his blog posted on vampirefreaks.com, Gill, who described himself as a huge Megadeth fan, had singled out the song À Tout le Monde, urging others to listen to it. He wrote in his blog that the song helped convince him to go on his shooting rampage that killed one and injured 19.

Megadeth likes to perform the song À Tout le Monde in Montreal because the title and lyrics are in French, Mustaine said in an interview before the concert.

The song’s chorus says: “A tout le monde/ A tous les amis/ Je vous aime/ Je dois partir,” which means: “To everyone/ To all my friends / I love you / I have to leave.”

Mustaine was deeply offended when he found out Gill referred to the song in his online plans for Dawson.

“I was so angry that this guy would use my song, and that he would try and turn that beautiful song into something ugly and nasty,” he said. The singer wrote the song about his mother, who died when Mustaine was young. “I had a dream that she came back to me, and said ‘I love you.’ That’s the whole song.”

The song is in memory of the living, Mustaine explained. “It’s for those who lost their lives, and it’s a gift to those who are in the process of healing.”

There was no question in Mustaine’s mind that Megadeth would perform the song in Montreal during their show Wednesday night. “[Gill] is not going to control us from the grave.”

I don’t always agree with Dave Mustaine’s opinions but I have more respect for him now than I ever did.

3 thoughts on “A tout le monde”

  1. trench! nowhere in Kimveer’s blog does it say that that song helped him make his rampage! your reading things into his blog that are not there!Shame on You! And that stupid singer saying he turned it nasty? what the hell is he talking about, there is no cover or re-mix of Kimveer singing that song anywhere! MAYBE kimveer Loved that song and MAYBE it meant alot to him! i wasen’t sure before but now i’m sure your not getting Kimveer right! Nor are alot of people for that matter.


  2. You know for someone writing from the Department of Electrical Engineering at McGill University you sure are a dumbass.

    Whats to get right? He was a psychopath that cowardly shot up a school and killed an innocent girl before taking the coward’s way out by killing himself.

    What did I miss?


  3. …Gill, controlling from the Grave …excuse me… {hahahahagrinhahahah} …. your comment,baby leaves you wide open …… i wonder why? ….. (singing)… nowhere trench, no where trench,no no where trench,nono where,no no where,no no where,no no where………….


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