Rocori lawyer calls lawsuit baseless

Attorney for Rocori school district calls allegations ‘baseless’:

Did anyone really expect him to say anything else?

Shamus O’Meara, who represents the district and former principal, said much of the “information referenced about the school district is inaccurate and false … and that criminal investigative agencies have determined to be baseless.”

O’Meara said he couldn’t be more specific about what parts of the lawsuit he was calling inaccurate. But when asked if one of them involved the alleged alert, he said: “That’s an example of one of them.”

The district believes its crisis management and response plans in place at the time of the shooting were sound, O’Meara said.

Tom Rollins explains the motivation behind the lawsuit…

Rollins’ father, Tom Rollins, said filing it was one of the toughest decisions they’ve had to make.

“It took us (the Rollins and Bartells) two years to decide to do it,” he said. “It’s not about the money. It’s about getting the truth out.”

He said he knows some in the community don’t agree with their decision.

But, he said, “We’d all like to know if there were things that could have been done to prevent it. Any concerned parent would say if there were indications there was a threat, what was done?”

Earlier today I received a comment from someone close to one of the victim’s family who said that the families have been financially devastated by this tragedy and they are only trying to save what they have left.

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