Conn. child rapist used MySpace

Man arrested for preying on teens on

Seriously, what is up with Connecticut? They seem to be breeding more and more child molesters every day…

(Vernon-WTNH, Oct. 10, 2006 10:30 PM) _ Police have arrested a Connecticut man they say preyed on teens on

Police say the suspect may have sexually assaulted five teens he met online and there may be more.

Scott Shefelbine does not have a police record but police say he has been going online and lying to teenage girls that he is also a teen in order to gain their trust and meet them.

It was 12:30 a.m. at a tower in Henry Park in Vernon when a police officer patrolling the grounds noticed a teenaged girl with an older man and began asking questions.

31-year-old Scott Shefelbine does not particularly look 19 or 17, but that is what he told at least 5 different victims that he allegedly met on

The Vernon police, State Police and the FBI have now seized 5 computers from Shefelbine’s home.

“We don’t know how many victims are out there. The internet is so pervasive and these predators are using it to contact so many different victims it is entirely possible that there are some out of state,” says Collins.

The five victims that police know of are all in Connecticut and between the ages of 14 and 17.

The age of consent is 16, but police say that Shefelbine has had sex with a 16-year-old he met in Henry Park when she was just 15. Shefelbine is also accused of raping the 17-year-old. He is also suspected of plying his victims with alcohol before sexually assaulting them.

I wasn’t able to find a MySpace attributed to Shefelbine but his actions are disgusting and reprehensible. I hope he goes away for a long time.

5 thoughts on “Conn. child rapist used MySpace”

  1. He worked at EHS as an assistant teacher. I reported him in 2003 for asking the kids out to an over 18’s bar. My daughter was one of them. She did not go but others went. The school did nothing as my daughter was the only one that told the truth the others thought he was cool and didn’t want to get him in trouble. The following year, it was a boy he befriended and did everything with. This is why he was fired. Now makes me wonder about these girls and their dumb-ass parents that allowed them to go with him. How do they feel now. Did he, or didn’t he??? Glad I was one of the smarter ones. Adult bringing out children= makes no sence…Duh!!!!


  2. It’s about time he was arrested – about a year and a half ago he victimized me, and eventually a complaint was made to the police, and they couldn’t arrest him. And now there’s finally justice – I wanna see him away for a lonnnggg time. He completely destroyed so much for me AND my parents. It’s horrible that he can hurt people with such ease!


  3. I knew him years ago and not from online. The guy can’t tell the truth to save his life and enjoys hurting others. Sadly the only girls that think he is cool (at least at first) are younger.I guess he has grown more aggressive and has lost self control but still sucks at even lying.I really hope he gets maximum penalties for this…he’s a horrible and very sick person.


  4. I hope (if you haven’t already) that you have come forward. I know it won’t change anything in terms of the past, but he’s needed to be stopped for a long time. I used to think he was just immature but it’s waaay beyond that. Nothing he says is true, and I feel so bad for these girls that were truely misled by him. Best of luck.


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