Werribee victim may have had relationship with suspect

Werribee DVD tryst twist:

THE girl at the centre of the Werribee DVD sex assault investigation was allegedly in a continuing relationship with one of the teens.

Copies of the DVD, which showed sexual acts and the girl’s hair being set alight, were sold at schools.

Sources have told the Herald Sun at least one of the teens caught on the DVD continued a relationship with the victim for several months after the degrading film was made.

Police are investigating whether rape charges can be laid against any of the teens involved.

The relationship may become vital in investigations as to whether consent for sex was given during the filming of the DVD, titled C— the Movie, and the charges police can lay.

And so what if she was? Does that make the assault any less wrong?

However, I do like this part…

It is possible some of the youths captured in the crude DVD may be charged as adults.

At least one of the youths questioned by police has turned 18 since the offences took place in June.

Most of those in the video are believed to be aged 16 and 17.

Under Victorian law a person can be tried as an adult if they have turned 18 since the offence.

I wish they would try this in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Werribee victim may have had relationship with suspect”

  1. “Under Victorian law a person can be tried as an adult if they have turned 18 since the offence.”

    It would certainly cut down on the delay tactics that defense attorneys use.


  2. I guess Australians look at this and think “Oh, well, just some kids having a bit of fun.” Jesus effing C. I can’t imagine what kind of society you must live in, and I live in the perverted US. Now at least I know it could be worse here.


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