Jonesboro shooter arrested

Jonesboro shooter found with gun, pot, while with crossbow killer:

Back in August of 2005 I posted an entry about one of the Jonesboro shooters, Mitchell Johnson, being released at the age of 21 due to a loophole in Arkansas law that has since been closed. At the time I wondered how long would it be before he was back in jail. Apparently that answer is one year and five months.

Johnson was arrested on New Year’s Day for possession of marijuana and a loaded 9mm handgun. Also arrested with him was Justin Trammell, who killed his father with a crossbow when he was 15.

Johnson was released on $1,000 bond.

4 thoughts on “Jonesboro shooter arrested”

  1. It amazes me that, despite all my efforts to alert them to this story, the national media totally ignores it.

    I guess they have higher priorities than covering the arrest (on weapons charges, no less) and subsequent release of someone with a history of mass murder of little girls.

    Like covering the pissing match between Rosie, Trump, and Barbara Walters.

    American justice is broken, as is American media.


  2. The boys just an idiot, he got a second chance, he knew he wasn’t going to get a third one so he goes and does this. Almost makes me want to stop sticking up for some of these kids… almost…


  3. Maybe no one gave him a life skills class after he got out. Being in jail from the age of 13-21 – not being able to be in society – all you know is prison – you aren’t going to learn the major things you need to learn to live the model life. He may have been 21 when he got out but I bet emotionally he was still a teenager. He never got over smoking pot and running around with a loaded weapon, perhaps. It’s something a lot of teenagers do. I dont condone it but they do it. But anyway, he was released and that was that. He wasn’t given role models in prison, or people to talk to once he got out – he was just let out. End of story. Emotionally, I don’t believe he was mature enough to live beyond that of a teenager. Driving around with loaded weapons for the hell of it and smoking pot and all that crap is stuff we all got over in high school.


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