Gill scouted other schools

Dawson College killer scouted other schools:

According to Canadian officials, Kimveer Gill scouted other schools before picking Dawson College for his rampage. According to the article Gill had scouted 3 other schools. Those schools being Universite de Montreal, Vanier College, and a Laval high school. It’s unknown why he settled on Dawson.

Police recovered a notepad from his car that contained hand-drawn sketches of routes leading to all four schools, Cmdr. Richard Dupuis said.

On the page with directions to the Universite de Montreal, Mr. Gill had scribbled the words “too big.”

“There are indications he may have considered other schools,” Cmdr. Dupuis said. “Did he go inside (them)? We don’t know. They were rough plans he had designed, but nothing too detailed. Just what roads to take to get there.”

It has been known that Gill did enter Dawson College weeks prior to his assault. So it’s a not a stretch that Gill probably did enter the other schools.

One thought on “Gill scouted other schools”

  1. Trench, thanks for the link.

    –“But it is clear, he(Cmdr. Richard Dupuis, Montreal police) added, that Mr. Gill wanted to replicate the 1999 Columbine High School massacre in Colorado”

    He did? Source? This is the first indication that Gill referenced 4-20. Sounds like the cops are still quashing info.

    –“After police had identified Mr. Gill’s body, Cmdr. Dupuis sent two detectives to his Laval home… When a detective finally spoke to Mr. Gill’s father, he learned a reporter had already called with the terrible news.”

    So either the cops/coroners were tipping off reporters, possibly allowing the Gill family to get rid of evidence or an eyewitness on scene had IDed Gill and told the press.

    –“Police received reports that multiple gunmen were firing shots at Dawson, at the nearby Alexis Nihon Plaza and at two Montreal hospitals. It took police about eight hours to determine that Mr. Gill, who killed himself after being wounded by a Montreal police officer, was the only gunman.”

    I would like to know the sources that reported shooters at those hospitals. Keep in mind that cops were stationed outside at least one hospital in Littleton/Denver after they received reports that gunmen were headed their way.


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