Quartz Hill plotter gets 5 years

Five years in CYA for student in bomb plot:

Johnny Alvarez Casas was sentenced to 5 years with time served to a juvenile detention center. Casas had pleaded no contest to plotting an attack on Quartz Hill High School in California. He took the 5-year plea rather than risk a 25 to life sentence if found guilty. His attorney describes Casas as a “sweet dumb kid” with an IQ of 70. I’m sorry but sweet dumb kids don’t put “WHEN IM GOD EVERYONE WILL DIE!!!” on their MySpace. Casas will be eligible for parole this November. I wonder what his cohort thinks of that since he was sentenced to 8 years. I have the feeling that once Casas gets out we’ll be hearing from him again.

2 thoughts on “Quartz Hill plotter gets 5 years”

  1. Ummm if his IQ was one point lower he would be declared mentally retarded… not that this country has a problem with prosucuting mentally retarded people severly just saying. Also I imagine he was probably quite severely bullied if his IQ was that low and he wanted people to die. You should read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, you would probably think that kid was a monster for his dreams where everyone dies besides for autistics.


  2. Well I’m late. I didn’t know these kids. My IQ is probably not over 120. I went to Quartz Hill high. I was also fans of Cradle of Filth and Judas Priest and some of the bands they listed. I was bullied. I wanted to put some kids head in hot water and boil his face. But I didn’t. What did I do? I got over it! I didn’t write that my interests included “making bombs and shooting” on my myspace. I didn’t idolize psycho killers who blow up buildings and shoot their fellow students. I got over it. With the help of therapy sure. I know what you’re thinking. “If you think they’re monsters well you’re a hypocrite because you’re a monster too”. But see… there’s a difference. THEY WERE ACTUALLY GOING TO KILL PEOPLE! Now I’m supposed to believe the cops were just making this up and it was just a coincidence that they practically screamed on their myspace that they were going to become murderers? As my unbiased opinion, I’d even go to say I think they had good taste in music. But I look at their myspaces and I’m not even almost convinced that people weren’t going to die in 2006.


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