Danny Ledonne on AOTS II

I finally got to see the video of Super Columbine Massacre RPG’s creator Danny Ledonne’s interview on AOTS. You can see it if you go to AOTS’s video page and go back to 1/22/07.

I could tell it wasn’t going to be a heated debate when host Kevin Pereira basically stated that Slamdance’s decision to pull SCMRPG from its competition amounted to censorship. Why is it that people still don’t realize that censorship can only come from the government? A private organization like Slamdance has the right to let in or kick out any game they want.

Then Captain Smug himself, Ledonne, came on and basically acted like he was the Messiah of all video games with Kotaku’s Brian Crecente acting like one of his disciples.

I thought at one point we were actually going to get a decent debate when Pereira asked Ledonne if he thought SCMRPG glorified Columbine. Ledonne avoided the question and both Pereira and Crecente let it slide. This wasn’t as much of a debate as it was a bunch of ass kissing.

What they should have done is have someone with an opinion that actually was opposed to the game. Like a Columbine victim’s family member or a Columbine survivor. I bet it would have been a lot different debated if they did.

Granted AOTS isn’t exactly a bastion of journalism but they did a great disservice to their viewers by having such a one-sided conversation.

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