Werribee suspects may receive light sentences

I got a tip from a reader Alan in Australia who says that two of the Werribee rape DVD suspects will be receiving light sentences. This is the e-mail he sent me verbatim.

Something finally appears to be stirring from the Victoria Police.

It appears only two of them will face charges of sexual assault.

This is from a myspace page that has gone from private to public.

ah not really, they just wanted me to describe the night and how i made
the bomb n shit, and they asked if i feel guilty and if i understand wat i
did was wrong lol

yer man, made me do sum interview thing, and they showd dad the dvd. the
f**khead hit the roof. Strted clipping me n shit infrnt of tht copper and
was like giving them permission to take me prints n shit.

Yer well they said i got sum caution of behaviour bond thing, so no

A good behavior bond *shakes head*

I’ll bring you confirmation as soon as I get it.

3 thoughts on “Werribee suspects may receive light sentences”

  1. Hi,

    Im from Melbourne Australia, And i was just wondering if there is any way that we can get the sentences made harsher?

    Would showing the police the myspace page of the attacker how he has no remorse and stuff help?


  2. One of the major participants Myspace page has just ceased being private and another has become private..somethings going on.

    The guotes are a response to a question he must have been asked – his myspace page is private

    I doubt whether the penalty would be increased by much anyway..that guy is around 17 so still under the jurisdiction of the Childdrens Court and here rehabilitation is of greater importance than specific or general deterrence.

    A point of view I agree with.

    I’m wary about identifying the pages simply because it’s useful to see what they’re up to.

    However, they’re out there


  3. What poofs the police in Australia are! Lightweight, beer-swilling, pouch-bellied dingoes. I feel bad for decent Australians having to live with this kind of abuse from teenies and not having a decent police force to protect them.


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