Sonny Szeto sentenced

Man who used MySpace to meet underage girl sentenced to 14 years:

One of the first MySpace cases I ever posted about was the arrest of Sonny Szeto.

He traveled from Jersey City to Connecticut and assaulted an 11-year-old girl he met on MySpace in her playroom while her parents were asleep.

Yesterday he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Nowhere near long enough if you ask me.

13 thoughts on “Sonny Szeto sentenced”

  1. Very true. People like that should be harshly punished, partly for being sick enough to do that, and partly for actually doing that and scarring a child like that.


  2. Yo this guy was my Resident Advisor Freshmen year in new york city and im just shocked… he was the coolest RA ive had yet and you know he was always asking about our sex lives on the floor but we never knew he was that desperate for pussy. Uno maybe she looked older or something and she told him she was 16… i dunno, but one thing i am sure of is that, he wasted 4 hard years of university and then all of his parents money


  3. You are all stupid and ignorant for believing everything in the media. Sonny was not a sexual predator. He was a good friend and he took a wrong step by even seeing a minor. The fact that he used myspace to contact her made him a monster? What’s the difference if he met the girl on the street and got her number then? He “assaulted” her. I’m sure he was a ninja and he can climb into the girl’s playroom and do a quickie before the parents come back. There was consent but a minor’s consent is not recognized under the law. He did think she was 16, but that was still wrong. This would’ve been a statutory rape if internet was not involved. You assholes don’t look at people like that as sexual predators do you? Ask your parents if they didn’t fuk a girl whom they thought was older. Stop contradicting yourselves. Look at R.Kelly. He’s still rapping his lifestyle, making his albums. WHy? BECAUSE HE’S RICH AND YOU DUMB FUKS ARE BLINDED.


  4. @StopBelievingtheMedia

    Um… let me do the math on this one…
    So 22-11 is… lets see here, yep, still a monster.

    “Bu-bu-but… sixteen?”
    Last time I checked 16 is still rape, (depending on backwater state’s local laws I guess) but you would have to be a pretty toothless redneck to think 11 is cool no matter how old he thought she was. He could have said he thought she was 35 and it wouldn’t make a fucking difference.

    Thanks for playing though.


  5. Age of consent in Conn. is 16 but like I said there’s a big difference between 11 and 16. In other words StopBelievingtheMedia…FAIL.

    Thanks and have a nice day.


  6. Pedophiles are our teachers, law enforcement, librarians and family members. I wish they would get pedophiles help, at their own expense, instead of putting them in jail. Such a waste of my tax dollars!!!


  7. to be honest after reading the articles… i dont really find it hard to believe because when i was little he use to hit me for no reason and i was afraid to be around him… and yes i am related to him… i know where that little girl stands and feels cause i been in her shoes… and there is a line where things a drawn when it comes down to it… its not wrong to meet people on myspace… but for him to even think about taking it to the next level im not very surprised… one of the articles said that he went through a tough childhood…. parts of may be true but no one force that shit on him… and if you ask me wat i think of him… i still think and always will think hes an asshole even if i am related to him…


    1. I assume you’re not an 11 year old girl, or the parent of one.  In fact, I assume you are also a pedophile since no normal person refers to attacking a little girl in her playroom as “stupid shit”.


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