Could Columbine records have prevented Va. Tech?

Truth about Columbine may have helped prevent Va. rampage, Rohrbough says:

If you’ve been following Columbine as long as I have you’re familiar with the name Brian Rohrbough. He lost his son Daniel at Columbine. He’s been very outspoken about how he thinks the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department handled Columbine. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes I don’t. This time I agree with him 100%.

The father of one of the victims of the Columbine tragedy said he isn’t surprised that the Virginia Tech gunman refers to the shooters responsible for his son’s death as “martyrs.”

“Because Jefferson County lied so much about what happened in Columbine, they raised the interest in these guys,” Brian Rohrbough said Wednesday. He lost his son Daniel Rohrbough at Columbine. “When (officials) refused to release the basement videos, they created a cult following for these two guys.”

Rohrbough has long sought the release of videos – the so-called basement tapes – and other documents created by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris long before they went on their rampage at Columbine.

“If the videos were released, then parents, schools, law enforcement and counselors would have a benchmark to look for potential murderers, and the odds of stopping this before it happens would increase dramatically,” Rohrbough said.

“The basement tapes and the documents give a very clear picture on how to identify these guys. There is so much information that would help identify these serious threats.”

He said that until the truth about Columbine is told, school shootings will continue to occur.

“When you withhold the truth and you create mystery, imaginations and conspiracy theories run wild,” he said.

Are you paying attention Judge Babcock?

4 thoughts on “Could Columbine records have prevented Va. Tech?”

  1. Do you think it was right for NBC to air those tapes? There is talk of a blacklash against NBC going on now for airing them.

    You know, since the video aired, Cho doesn’t seem nearly the brutal psychopath that I imagined he was before I saw the video. It kinda dispelled my own notions about him.

    Also, it cleared up logs of other questions that were swirling about him too, especially fears that he may have had Islamic ties. I can see how showing the videos goes a long way towards preventing any mythos around him.


  2. I agree completely as well. There is much to be learned from the Columbine shooters. To release those tapes would be three steps forward in helping to deter other school shootings.


  3. The problem with them showing the videos is that they will attack other media outlets for being bad when they air sexual oriented things or curse words. NBC fucking fired Imus for saying “nappy headed hos” and then plastered Cho’s acton movie poses and even slapped a water mark on the photos and video so anyone else who aired them would also have to advertise NBC.

    Am I the only one who sees a problem with this ?


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