Jonesboro gunman sued

On tapes, Jonesboro shooter explains, apologizes:

Jonesboro gunman Mitchell Johnson is being sued in a wrongful death suit by the families of his victims. In a taped deposition he’s trying to make himself out to be the victim. He’s even trying to lay all the blame on the other gunman, Andrew Golden.

Mitchell insists the event was fellow shooter Andrew Golden’s idea.

He repeatedly says no one was supposed to get hurt, just scared.

“I was told that he was tired of people messing with him, and he was going to scare people. He was going to prove a point that he’s not a pushover, and he asked me to help him obtain to obtain a vehicle to get to and from where he needed to go. And that was supposed to be that only,” he said.

“That was what?” an attorney asked in the deposition.

“That was supposed to be my involvement in all of this,” Johnson responded.

Instead, four students and a teacher were shot and killed and eleven people were hurt.

You know you could have said no because that was a stupid idea. But you didn’t and you took part in the shooting. The only reason you’re out of jail is because of a loophole in Arkansas law at the time regarding juvenile offenders.

And here come the excuses…

In the taped deposition we learn Mitchell Johnson was sexually abused when he was younger, used marijuana with his father and was a gang member.

“I didn’t really think all the way through, I didn’t understand that, you know, what I was doing potentially put people in harm, and that if they did get killed, they don’t come back,” he said.

Even the stupidest of children know that when you shoot somebody with a gun there is a very good possibility of them “not coming back”.

Mitchell says he understands why many people think he should still be behind bars. “I ask myself a lot, do I deserve to be free. I don’t think I do, in all honesty, you know?”

Well, at least we agree on something.

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