Henderson Hopes for Hell

Henderson hopes for death in letter:

Richard Henderson Jr. is currently awaiting trial in Florida for bludgeoning his family to death on Thanksgiving Day 2005. Before that, he was in trouble for plotting to shoot up his school. He wrote the following letter to the Bradenton Herald…

As for my case im happy to be closing in on the day i’ll know where my future lies. As for if I get the Death instead of life or possibly something else, Great, ill be happy. Id rather get Death then life so I don’t have to witness the schemes and abuse of Authority the State lives by. As for my so called Family, let me make this clear. I don’t give a damn what they think, they say they know me how can that be if I only saw them 7 times in my life, to hell with them, I want them to know if I do get the death penality I will haunt their dreams and forever taint the blood of our Family. The way I see it, it’s their fault, if someone could of got me help instead of gossiping maybe my family be alive, maybe I could of had a normal life,” he wrote. “But no, everyone wants to talk, to judge. Find a way to live my life, to do all I did, to fell all my pain then you can judge me. How many Virginia tech massacers, how many columbines, how many Ross’s, Davis’s, Henderson’s is it gonna take to show kid’s are not being properly raised/helped/counsaled like they need to be. The Guilt of the crimes lies in the so called innocent, we were just the puppets that released the evil society breeds. You want Justice, you want us to feel pain, our whole lives have been pain. Me being in here with no friends, no family, just guilt, that’s pain. Just keep gossiping, keep . . . cause pain is coming to a place called home. Let’s see how you handle it.

First off if he wants death I say no problem. To me, it sounds like he’s trying to pull a Susan Smith. She begged for a death sentence and they gave her a life sentence. Personally, I don’t think Henderson wants any part of a death sentence. I think he’s bluffing and I hope the jury calls him on that bluff.

Secondly, I love how Henderson pulls the old “blame society” crap. Society didn’t cause him to kill his family. Only Henderson caused that. No one in this society is owed anything. The only thing that I hope is owed to Henderson is a quick trial and a death sentence.

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