Werribee teens get additional charges

More charges on sex DVD:

The teens from Werribee, Australia who are facing charges for distributing a DVD of them sexually assaulting a girl have had additional charges filed against them.

A children’s court heard yesterday the boys, two aged 16, six 17-year-olds and three aged 18 will face another charge each of procuring the victim to take part in sexual penetration by intimidation.

Four of the accused boys have been charged with two counts of procuring sexual penetration by intimidation and making child pornography, and seven face the same three charges plus one count of assault.

Up to 12 boys were investigated for allegedly coercing the Year 12 girl to have sex in the homemade DVD, titled C— the Movie, allegedly made between June 1 and June 30 last year.

The ten minute film was copied and distributed to students at Werribee schools.

The film showed the girl performing a sex act, being urinated on, and having her hair set alight.

Sources told the Herald Sun in November at least one of the teens allegedly featured on the DVD continued a relationship with the victim for several months after the film was made.

But will these charges bring a longer sentence if these thugs get any real sentence at all?

Thanks to Alan for the link.

2 thoughts on “Werribee teens get additional charges”

  1. It depends if it remains in the Childrens court then the absolute maximum they could receive is three years for all charges. Presuming of course that they’re founsd guilty of them.

    This whole thing reminds me of William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies”


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