Scott Shefelbine may have bail revoked

Prosecutor asks judge to revoke bail of alleged sex predator:

Finally, someone in the Connecticut legal system has some sense. The assistant state’s attorney handling the case of alleged serial predator Scott Shefelbine is trying to have his bail revoked on the grounds he violated his terms of release. He’s been arrested multiple times for various sex offenses usually involving MySpace. His parents have paid his bail each time racking up to a whopping $1.5M.

My only question is what took you so long?

A judge will rule on the motion on July 10th.

3 thoughts on “Scott Shefelbine may have bail revoked”


    A website about the “innocent” Scott Shefelbine.

    It is pretty empty, but it does have a mailing address to contact him. Is this how he’s planning to meet girls now that he’s figured out that the myspace thing probably wasn’t a good idea?


  2. What a joke. It’s kind of hard to proclaim innocence when you’ve been arrested multiple times for the same offense with different victims.


  3. I knew this guy when I was in college because one of my former roommates was friends with him. My friends and I always wondered if he was a pedophile because of some wierd comments he would make about high school girls. Now we know is really is a pedophile. In addition, I don’t understand why anyone would think he was 19 because we always thought he looked like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons who is 104 years old.


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