More details on Scott Shefelbine

State Wants Sex Suspect Jailed:

Today a hearing was scheduled to see if the most infamous MySpace predator, at least on this site, Scott Shefelbine would have his bail revoked. You know since he’s been arrested on the same child sex charges multiple times and been bailed out by his parents every time. I haven’t heard how the hearing went or even if it took place but this article points out some of Shefelbine’s more extreme behavior.

The warrants for Shefelbine’s arrests paint a picture of a then-31-year-old man portraying himself to teenage girls and their parents as 17 or 19, then pressuring the girls for sex. When the girls would resist, according to the warrants, Shefelbine would grow angry and abusive.

On one occasion, according to a warrant, Shefelbine placed his knee on a girl’s chest, causing pain and making it difficult for her to breathe, until she agreed to have sex. On several occasions, one of the girls told police, Shefelbine would strike her with a bottle until she agreed to have sex.

That sounds pretty much like a rapist to me. I hope to God his bail was revoked because Shefelbine is nothing short of a monster.

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