A Shefelbine strikes back

Defendant’s Father Punches Reporter:

The saga of alleged serial predator Scott Shefelbine took a bizarre twist today. After his bail was revoked his father, David Shefelbine, punched out a reporter…a female reporter.

VERNON – After his son was jailed today, David Shefelbine punched a television reporter in the face outside Superior Court in Rockville.

Erin Cox, from WTNH Channel 8, was asking him for a comment on the judge’s decision involving Scott Shefelbine, 32, when David Shefelbine, 67, swung his right arm and punched her.

Vernon police were called, interviewed witnesses and viewed footage of the alleged assault taken by photographers for Channel 8 and WVIT Channel 30. Cox went to Rockville General Hospital at 2:35 p.m. to be evaluated.

Police went to Shefelbine’s Tolland home after the incident to question him, but he refused to answer the door, police said. He later turned himself in at Vernon police headquarters, accompanied by his lawyer. He was charged with second-degree breach of peace and released without having to post bail.

I’m not surprised he didn’t have to post bail. He should have a $1.5M credit.

It also seems that a lack of respect for women runs in the family.

5 thoughts on “A Shefelbine strikes back”

  1. Wheee! The whole family is batshit insane!
    I wonder if Momma Shefelbine will use church bulletins and tears to try to get Poppa Shefelbine out of this despite witnesses and video.


  2. This would be a fantastic Made~for TV movie. Drama, corruption, wealth, perversion, seduction, violence, courtroom scenes, and God! Someone better jump on this before Law and Order does!

    This family needs serious help.


  3. This is insane, Mrs. Shefelbine was a paraprofessional at my high-school.. It’s crazy to see her all over the news with her family going to jail/court LOL


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