Shefelbine trial moved

Shefelbine Cases Moved To Rockville:

Everyone’s favorite repeat arrestee and all around creepy guy, Scott Shefelbine, is having two of his cases moved from Hartford to Rockville, CT. However, it’s not because of any change of venue requests.

Judge Thomas P. Miano said that he was transferring the cases for administrative purposes to Rockville, where seven other cases are pending against Shefelbine. Miano said that the move did not preclude the defense from filing a change of venue motion.

So Judge Miano is basically saying “Look here Slapnuts. Since you have seven other cases pending against you in Rockville we’re going to let them have these two as well”. So basically Shefelbine only has to make one stop before he heads to the joint.

Rockville may not be his last stop though. His defense attorney may file a change of venue request due to all the pre-trial publicity. Maybe if her client’s father didn’t punch out a reporter there wouldn’t be so much publicity.

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