LiveJournal takes a step forward

Livejournal Bans Underage Adult Fanfiction:

It seems that LiveJournal/SixApart has finally taken a step closer to reality by banning fanfiction that has underage characters (i.e. children) engaging in sexual situations. In other words, they’re banning child porn erotica.

Six Apart has been firming up its policies on legal and illegal content, and this time mature-themed stories with underaged characters are in the spotlight. Livejournal personnel posted today that there is a “zero-tolerance policy” in effect for specific categories of posts and behaviors. Alongside material that “encourages or advocates hate crimes, rape, or child abuse or pedophilia,” and ” material that asks for assistance in committing illegal activities that cause serious physical/economic harm,” certain types of fiction are also banned as (allegedly) illegal under U.S. law.

Specifically Livejournal has stated: “This includes threats of physical harm against the President or other executive officers, child pornography (photos or videos), or other material — including drawings and text — that explicitly depicts minors under the age of 18 (real or not) in a graphic sexual context. Or, in other words: Romeo and Juliet is okay. Teens talking about their experiences with sex is okay. Smut focused on a twelve year old is not okay.”

You can see more information about it at LJ Biz.

So far no mass revolt from LJ users. Just a lot of questions.

And on a personal note to the people who write sexually charged Harry Potter fanfic, get help. Seriously, you need help.

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