Werribee teens plead guilty

Werribee DVD youths plead guilty, avoid jail:

Seven of the teens from Werribee, Australia who filmed themselves sexually assaulting a mildly developmentally challenged girl have pleaded guilty. If you remember the suspects also sold the DVD, entitled C*nt: The Movie to their classmates over MySpace. Let me refresh your memory…

The DVD was shot in June last year when the 17-year-old girl, who has mild developmental delay, was taken by the youths to the edge of the Werribee River.

It includes footage of the sexual act, of men urinating on the girl and throwing a cup of urine on her. It also shows them setting her hair alight three times.

They throw her top and jacket into the river and tell her: “You’re walking home topless.”

You would think the judge would throw the book at them. Not so. Since they have pleaded guilty they will avoid any jail time and will be sent to an “adolescent sexual rehabilitation program”.

Let’s hear from the judge…

The judge said the youths’ guilty plea was a strong indication of their remorse.

“The idea is that the defendants now have some rehabilitation and education in how not to treat women,” the judge said.

Personally, I think the judge let them off way too easy. I think the only thing they’re remorseful about is that they got caught.

However, I want to hear from my Aussie readers to see what they feel about the sentence. Is it enough?

Thanks to Alan for the tip.

4 thoughts on “Werribee teens plead guilty”

  1. I was outraged when I saw that despite the horrible things they did to this girl, they still walked out with minor charges and money in their pocket made from the sales of this movie. Living in Australia for 7 years now, I have come to the attention that the juvenile laws need to be updated. Juveniles need to be tried as adults when it comes to cases like this. Instead these juveniles hide behind these loop holes and get away with it. This is not the first time something like this happens and it will not be the last by any means until something is done. The level of juvenile crimes is one of the highest in the world and there is no way of stopping it with the laws that Aus has in place at the moment since these kids are taught to Idolize criminals like chopper reid and others. Obviously the criminal blood lines of those sent here to the prison colonies here has not thinned at all, it is as strong as ever!


  2. Well having been here all my life may I make an observation.

    Firstly I suspect the other four will also plead guilty once the level of offending is determined.

    I was rather suprised that the prosecution supported this.

    The proposed sentence is lenient, no doubt, but the law in Victoria and elsewhere is quite clear, young people should only be sent to goal at the last resort. As rehabilitation is seen as more important..plus it saves taxpayers dollars.

    As for Steve’s comments on criminal bloodlines, these days there’s a certain pride in being a descendant of the first fleet, rather like the descendantsof the Mayflower Pilgrims, however most of the defendants in this case are first or second generation immigrants.

    I wonder if this wasthe caseof a Lord of the Flies
    moment for these guys, they were drunk possibly drugged up.


  3. I’m an Aussie too, and I have to say that I was fairly outraged at this outcome, but them’s the breaks. Unfortunately for most victims, the justice system for juveniles in this country is quite lenient and there is certainly a focus on rehabilitation. True, some young criminals will never be rehabilitated, but most are quite successful. Particularly successful is juvenile case conferencing, where young people are made to face their victims and their victims families, and anyone else affected by their crimes, so that they can see what effect their actions have had.

    This crime was disgusting and abhorrent, and I’m sure nobody feels that the sentence is harsh enough, but like every other country in the world, we too have to place some faith that the courts have acted in the way that they feel most appropriate and most successful in the long term. I highly doubt that the sentences would have been so lenient if there was a better case to be made for harsher ones.

    Another thing I would like to point out, for the benefit of Steve and any one else reading this who is as ignorant as him, is that a number of the offenders in this case were in fact of Middle Eastern descent. I’m not trying to be racist at here here, but that’s one of the facts of the case. Given their actions, it’s more likely that they idolised criminals such as (notorius Middle Eastern gang-rapist) Bilal Skaff and his cohorts that “Australian” criminals like Chopper Reed. I think you’ll also find, had you done your research before you relocated here, that a vast majority of First and Second Fleet convicts were people convicted not of violent crimes like rape or murder, but crimes of survival, such as petty theft. A peek through that annals of history will tell you that you’re far more likely to find a 14 year old girl transported here for stealing a pair of shoes than someone convicted of rape. Hard criminals were sentenced to death, not transportation. Show me someone whose entire ancestry DOESN’T contain at least one petty thief, and you can call me a liar. Add to that the fact that Australia is one of the most successfully multicultural nations in the world, and I think you’ll find that the “convict bloodline” has certainly thinned out over the last 220 years. And even if it hasn’t, we’re bloody proud of our heritage and don’t take very well to having it questioned or ridiculed, thanks. I hate to say it like this, but it’s people like you who come here full of ignorance and an unwillingness to try to fit in who cause most of the trouble.

    We’re ALL outraged by this crime and its sentence, but we should be atanding united and not allowing ignorant opinions to influence our actions.


  4. Disgusting case. All Australians should be ashamed of these cowards. The lack of any meaningful response to this does not speak well for your country and neither does the fact that your country produced these dirtbags. Shame! Shame upon all Australians!


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