West Memphis 3 victim’s mother speaks on new DNA evidence

West Memphis 3: Mom speaks out on new evidence found at crime scene:

Pam Hobbs, the mother of West Memphis 3 victim Stevie Branch and ex-husband to Terry Hobbs, is saying that it is possible that Terry Hobbs could have committed the murders of the three boys.

“I would say there is a possibility that he could be capable. I hate to say it because I’m going on my thoughts and feelings,” she added.

Pam Hobbs said she remembers discovering 14 knives owned by her then husband Terry Hobbs.

“A bunch of knives, a few of them I was aware of but there was quite a few I wasn’t aware of. And Stevie’s knife being in that collection, that really put up a warning sign. What are you doing with Stevie’s knife, it would have been with him,” Pam Hobbs explained.

Hobbs said Steve’s grandfather gave him the knife. She also said she turned them over to police when she found them.

Pam Hobbs turned those knives over to defense attorneys in 2002 when she was separating from Terry Hobbs. Terry Hobbs claims that he is innocent and that Pam Hobbs is doing this out of spite.

Terry Hobbs dismissed the knives as having had “nothing to do with anything.”

“I’d bought some, and found some and Pam bought me some. I just threw them in a drawer, and that’s where they’d been for years.” He added, “Them knives were stolen out of my home and I’m fixing to try to get them back.”

Asked whether one of the knives was a pocket knife given to Stevie by his grandfather, Terry Hobbs responded: “I don’t know. It could have been. And it could have been it was in the drawer because we didn’t want him to have it. I didn’t want a kid of mine to go around with a pocket knife — not a kid who was 8 years old. Would you?”

Terry Hobbs said, “I raised Stevie from the time he was a year and a half, until he was 8. I tried to be a good daddy.”

As for his ex-wife, he said, “Pam’s got some problems. This thing has taken a toll on her. It’s really hurt her.

“I don’t think she really supports the idea they [the convicted men] are innocent. I think she’s doing it out of anger. As a matter of fact, I know it’s out of anger. It’s being angry at the world and not knowing how to deal with her anger.

“It’s kind of sad. And I’m really sorry that people think she supports that theory.”

Terry Hobbs has said previously that the hair sample that was recovered from the scene could have come from anywhere since all three boys were friends and frequently visited the Hobbs’ household.

I wonder if the WM3 zealots will now focus their vitriol at Terry Hobbs instead of Mark Byers now.

6 thoughts on “West Memphis 3 victim’s mother speaks on new DNA evidence”

  1. I don’t really know anything about this case but seriously what kind of person would want to see someone else convicted of murder out of spite.


  2. How could a question not be serious. I mean what type of person wants someone convicted of their own kids murder out of spite?


  3. My opinion is that Byers was a significant suspect all along. Consider the lies he told (under oath and on television programs)through the entire investigation. The fact of all the charges ever levied against him never amounting to anything, including the violent felonies against his ex-spouse, his place in the community as both drug dealer and informant, the emasculation of Christopher….I could go on. At the very least, the WM3 deserve a new trial and a new judge.


  4. thank you warren_pease! i have thought that all along! i think he murdered his wife soon after too! i don’t think she died from heartache from the loss, i think she found out something, and he killed her! it’s also kinda funny to me that he has said for the past 15 years that the boys were most deffinatly guilty and now all of the sudden, he thinks they’re innocent! ummm… is it just me or is that just a bit strange?


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