Schorling’s appeal denied

Romeo: Knife attacker loses his appeal:

Eric Schorling is the stab-happy Michigan teen who plunged a rather large knife into his ex-girlfriend’s back…at school…in front of witnesses…then bragged about it. Luckily the victim survived and Schorling was convicted.

Now he’s lost the appeal of his conviction.

He had appealed the case on the grounds that his Circuit Court attorney was able to introduce evidence that Eric Schorling was bullied and he lacked the mental capacity to form specific intent.

His bullying is that he was called a Nazi because of his swastika tattoo. I think he brought that on himself. Plus I find it comical that the defense attorney claims that he lacked the mental capacity to form specific intent but had enough mental capacity to escape from a detention center before his trial.

Schorling is currently serving a 10-15 year sentence.

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