More testimony in Henderson trial

(Again this was written up yesterday but I took last night off.)

Henderson ‘normal’ after deaths:

More testimony in the trial of Richard Henderson Jr. This time let’s hear from his grandfather.

Loyal Stringer told jurors their grandson said he was taking a girlfriend home. He testified he appeared “normal,” but the girlfriend appeared scared and had “little color in her face.”

Henderson, before he drove off, told his grandparents not to go to the house because his parents were fighting “real bad.”

Again that doesn’t sound like an insane person to me.

Now some testimony from his friends…

More testimony from Nicole J. Russell and Zach Anderson – two friends of Henderson Jr. – indicated they had previously seen Henderson take Xanex and smoke marijuana.

Russell also said she had seen him the day after the killings and that he told her he was going to Mexico.

The day before and after the killings, Anderson testified, he saw Henderson Jr. at a friend’s house. Henderson, he said, appeared normal and “in touch with reality.”

If he appeared normal after slaughtering his entire family he must be one heartless S.O.B.

So far it doesn’t look like the insanity defense is going really well.

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