Another shrink testifies for Henderson

Witness: Henderson insane when he killed family members:

More psycho-babble from the defense in the trial of Richard Henderson Jr. This time from forensic psychologist Dr. Valerie McClain.

“At the time, he had a break in reality,” she testified.

McClain, whose studies include the science of brain and behavior relationship, said it is possible for a person to be insane over a period of time.

At some point, she said Henderson “comes back into reality,” possibly on the weekend after the deaths.

“I think he’s becoming aware of what occurred … coming back into reality. But it does not suggest he is avoiding detection.”

She also said Henderson did not flee, but stayed in house overnight, sleeping in his parents’ bed near his mother’s body.

Isn’t that convenient? Not for his family though.

2 thoughts on “Another shrink testifies for Henderson”

  1. He got the room the next day after he pawned everything he could. He got a bunch of money, rented a room, bought drugs, had a party. I think he was trying to con one of the lil girlies that hung around him to run away to mexico with him.


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