Henderson sentenced

Judge sentences Richard Henderson Jr. to life in prison:

As I predicted the jury recommended that Richard Henderson Jr.’s life should be spared. On that recommendation, Judge Diana Moreland sentenced Henderson to four life sentences. One for each of the family members he killed. Henderson will never be eligible for parole.

I’m not surprised but I’m still disappointed. If anybody deserved the death penalty it’s Henderson. However, I get the feeling that Henderson will be a troublemaker in prison and you know what that can get you.

10 thoughts on “Henderson sentenced”

  1. I too am satisfied with the sentence but I wonder if the family is. I think they’re feelings should be considered. I suspect they want him to be put to death and I think they are entitled to that. I will also add since he has gotten life I think that should be life in solitary confinement with no windows, no media, no visitors, no yard time, just him and his thoughts to keep himself company for the rest of his life. I know it dosnt work that way but it should. He will be working the system within 3yrs spouting how he has found jesus and has found salvation etc….. He will be running bible studies and such as a way to combat bordum and pretend like he has found redemption.

    This is why I asked about the make up of the jurers too BTW these decissions are influenced by the demogragh of the people who are deciding these things.
    You may wanna acusse me of being iggnorant or whatever but it is a fact.


  2. Yes, just another criminally insane person lumped in with the prison population. Of course I’m sure that he will be cycled from prison to psych hospital for the rest of his days …. What a messed up justice system.


  3. He is a murderer, would you rather have him back in the general population ? Why don’t you offer him a home in your house since he can’t live with his parents anymore ?


  4. Well if I had that much power I would choose that his parents, grandmother, and brother were still alive. I would choose that they refused him entry into their home long before that fateful Thanksgiving day. I would choose that his parents had him involuntary committed to a mental hospital every time he threatened to kill others or himself. And that he received regular treatment and medication from professionals on a routine basis.
    But I don’t have that kind of power. Your comments are ridiculous.


  5. …and you are an utter idiot. If you had read the story and the posts by by relatives, you would have found that the asshole threw away his opportunities for help long before he went on his killing spree. but it doesn’t surprise me that you want him to have help now that he has committed murder. Lets all have a moment of silence for all the tortured souls who refused help and decided that taking lives was a good idea. Lets all open our homes to crazy people instead of leaving them to the punishment they deserve and let us all excuse the crimes of assholes like Henderson because he obviously didn’t know what he was doing, even though he killed his entire family to hide one murder, planed to run off to Mexico and hocked enough goods to have a party before he got busted.

    It is you that the rest of us should be feeling sorry for… not Henderson.


  6. Ahhh…another “Why that poor criminal” type. Who cares WHERE he rots away at? Or if he rots away, with a clear mind….or maybe you don’t want him to rot away and would like to see him back out in society. Maybe he could be YOUR neighbor.


  7. Do you know how to read? Do you post comments just looking for a fight? Who said I sympathize with the criminally insane? Why don’t you ask questions before assuming. I’m about prevention. Richard Henderson wasn’t the first person to kill his family and he won’t be the last.
    But I’m talking to someone who probably believes that “crazy people” should be locked away in an attic. Don’t read more into that statement than what is written.
    Your comments are disturbing.


  8. I don’t believe that “that ‘crazy people’ should be locked away in an attic”. I believe that they should stop doing tests on lab animals and start using prisoners.


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