Then why was he there?

Cho Advised Not to Attend Big School:

In a conference call to wounded victims and their families of the Virginia Tech massacre the panel investigating the attack said that Cho Seung Hui was advised not to go to a large school like Virginia Tech.

That was a key revelation in a private teleconference to brief injured students and their families on a report by a panel investigating the attacks, said Derek O’Dell, who was of the 23 injured in the April 16 attack that left 33 dead, including Cho.

A separate call was held later with families of the deceased, hours before the public release of the report Thursday.

“It was recommended that he not apply to school as big as Virginia Tech because he had selective mutism and also ongoing psychiatric needs that a big university probably wouldn’t address as well,” O’Dell said.

What I’d like to know is how did this barely functioning troglodyte (Cho) even get into Virginia Tech? After reading his “plays” and hearing about all his alleged mental difficulties it makes one wonder how he wasn’t a complete drooling idiot.

3 thoughts on “Then why was he there?”

  1. It makes me wonder why he was allowed to keep passing his classes. He was a failure as a student, but instead of washing the asshole out, VT kept him around to suck money from his parents.

    This obviously devalues all college degrees if this nimrod can pass his courses.


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