Cho’s broken dream

Killer’s Parents Describe Attempts Over the Years to Help Isolated Son:

I feel bad for the parents of Cho Seung-Hui. According to the article, it seems that they did everything they possibly could for their son. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss.

The part of the article I want to discuss is what his sister thinks may have been his motive…

Although the panel said neither it nor the police had uncovered a motive for Cho’s rampage, his sister provided a key piece of the puzzle. Cho began his college career as a business information technology major but, by the time he was a sophomore, decided to switch to English, which was one of his weakest subjects. Nevertheless, he was convinced that he could be a great writer. He had written a novel, which he described to teachers as “sort of like Tom Sawyer except that it’s really silly and pathetic,” the report said.

Later that year, after his sister found a rejection letter from a New York publishing house, she noticed that he became increasingly depressed and detached. His English grades ranged from B’s to D’s, and his rage grew as he felt no one understood him or his talent.

If you’ve been following this like I have you’ve read Cho’s writings. I wouldn’t exactly call what he had “talent”. It just comes down to more selfishness and arrogance from a deranged lunatic. Over 30 people dead because this assclown couldn’t form a coherent sentence If you spotted him the noun and the verb.

if you’re one of those types that think the world doesn’t recognize your “talent” try a new craft because it’s obvious that you suck.

3 thoughts on “Cho’s broken dream”

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call what he had “talent”

    I would say the exact opposite. His writings are awful. Not only are they poorly written they are not creative in the least, The characters are dull and pointless and the story lines have zero direction. from what I have read, it seems more like he was forced to write that crap and he just scrawled out anything to get a semi-passing grade.
    His writings actually remind me of moment in my high school years. In creative writing, a guy who sat near me couldnt dream up his own recreation of Shakespeare’s “the 7 stages of man”. All we had to do was write a 7 stage poem… nothing difficult. Anything would have been sufficient, but this dope decided to just steal the lyrics to “Master of Puppets” and hoped that the teacher wasn’t familiar with the song.
    What probably happened is, Cho supposedly was always some kind of introvert. Someone probably patted him on the back for his awful stories in hopes that they would get through to him and wound up making him think he actually had some kind of talent. Later, when he was forced to face the fact that he was chasing a dream he couldnt fulfill, he withdrew even further.

    Cho was so bound to eat a bullet, he should have been friends with enders.


  2. Jim, you are on to something here. When did schools start to refuse to be critical of students? Sometime in the 90’s? From what I understand, his college never gave his piss-poor crappy papers he wrote a bad grade, and they likely encouraged everyone not to criticize it- because it was an example of “multi-cultural” writing.

    Bah. The no-talent fuckwit should never have been admitted to a serious college.


  3. He shouldn’t have bothered with community college either. Most likely, due to his Asian decent, he was forced to go to college even though he didn’t have the skills. Most Asian cultures tend to push their kids too hard on education.

    Don’t Asian kids have the highest suicide rate for that reason anyway ?


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