Prosecutor Scumbag Peepants tries to off himself

Prosecutor in sex sting arrest attempts suicide:

It seems that our favorite diaper wearing scumbag pedophile prosecutor John David “Roy” Atchison tried to off himself today. Let me get out the violin…

John David “Roy” Atchison, the Florida federal prosecutor indicted for allegedly flying from Pensacola, Fla., to Detroit to have sex with a 5-year-old girl, tried to hang himself early this morning at the Sanilac County Jail, officials confirmed.

The 4 a.m. suicide attempt came only one day after Atchison asked a federal judge to take him off a suicide watch and assured her he would not try to harm himself.

Atchison tied a sheet around his neck, but the suicide attempt was discovered by sheriff’s deputies before he had a chance to harm himself, Sheriff Virgil Strickler said today.

“One of the other inmates hollered that he was doing it,” and jail deputies responded quickly, Strickler said.

The inmate in the adjacent cell raised the alarm.

When I first caught this story on Topix I left a comment that said I wish he had finished the job but I now take that back. I want there to be a long and lengthy trial followed by the longest prison stay possible. I want him to live his hell every day for the rest of his life.

As an added bonus someone did a Yahoo search for Atchison’s MySpace handle “fldaddy04”. Besides my site, it also brought up a message board called….ugh, I’m so disgusted…The PeeSearch Community. I was unable to access the user profile and I was not about to go through the requirements to view it. But there at least was a user on that board with the username fldaddy04. Draw your own conclusions.

22 thoughts on “Prosecutor Scumbag Peepants tries to off himself”

  1. as the dude who writes said, its a shame this loser sux at hanging himself. maybe next time one of the guards or other inmates can help him out.


  2. I have questions. When are the computer chat transcripts going to be released?

    I’m going to need more before I’m sure about this whole deal. From what I saw on this guy’s MySpace page, he had photos of other ADULT females who dressed up as little girls and even as little babies, complete with diapers. So I”m just wondering …

    What if this guy was under the misimpression that the female he was speaking with was pretending to be the mother of a five year old girl? What if the plan was that he was to meet this adult woman and another adult woman, and each would play roles? Or maybe the plan was the one female to play both the mother role and then the five year old role?

    Yes, I would expect that the undercover officer would make sure that no such ambiguities existed. But I’d like to have that verified, and I’d like to do it with my own eyes.

    What’s the scoop? Anybody have access to these chat logs? Why aren’t they out there yet? Seems kind of strange, this delay. Usually that stuff is released ASAP.


  3. Lizzy,
    trust me, as soon as he hits the general population in prison someone will kill him.

    a prosecutor and a pedophile? he won’t last a day. which is really a shame because like Trench said, it would be great if he had to live with his guilt for a long long time.


  4. Somehow, I doubt he thought he was meeting an adult female, who wanted to “act” like a 5 year old. I also doubt that he’ll meet death in prison, unfortunately. We don’t have any “jailhouse justice” here. I did see that he was transfered to a smaller jail when first arrested, because of his profession, however once he tried to hang himself, he was moved back. I’m pretty sure that if he was just looking to meet a “woman pretending to be a child”, he wouldn’t have tried to commit suicide.


  5. Well, sure, Soobs, I understant that you “somehow doubt” any theory of inocence. But the only reason you give is because of his attempted suicide. Well, it’s true, maybe he tried to kill himself over remorse for being a pedophile. Maybe. But it seems to me that he might try to kill himself anyway, even if he was seeking to meet an adult female who (he thought) was going to pretend to be a five year old. The reason should be obvious: This case is nationally publicized, and even if that is the real reason, he’s still held up to the World as a freak. Where does his marriage go if he’s disclosed being into such a fetish? Where does his job go? How does he resume being a lawyer with everyone laughing at him? Plus, don’t forget, he’s in jail facing an accusation that everyone believes is true. No, sorry, but one could attempt suicide in such a situation and be innocent of the crime. The situation itself might prompt desires of death.

    Of course, let me emphasize that all that I’m askin g for is to read the transcripts. Maybe they remove any such doubt. Maybe the undercover cop made clear that this wasn’t pretend. Maybe this guy really wasn’t into pretend like the MySpace ad suggests. Maybe nobody really pretends to be five years old. Maybe kids in Florida or elsewhere will start making accusations. Maybe he’ll confess. But let’s wait and see, shall we?

    I still want to see that computer chat transcript.


  6. Mrspeedreader,
    Are you extremely naieve or just slap crazy? Of course he planned to rape a 5 year old. You need a new pair of rose colored glasses. How can you read anything even remotely normal into this situation. Re-read his own comments.
    Dear Lord, I hope you are on medication. Pb


  7. I think the fact he was a prosecutor might lead to one of two things happening:

    1.) The state keeps him well separated from the general populace, especially once word travels of who he is and what he did to land himself in jail.

    2.) The guards do nothing to prevent general population from getting their hands on him, be it in the rest rooms or the yard.

    Personally, I’d rather hear he had to spend the rest of his life isolated in a jail cell to prevent him ending up dead. I think that would be far too kind.


  8. Thanks, Pee Berger. As I understand your comment, you can’t explain the possibility that this guy’s fetish may have resulted in him seeking out an adult women pretending to be a five-year-old — a possibility that none of us can address absent access to the computer chat logs that the Government is hording. Left with no argument, you fall back on the old illogical standby, argument ad hominem. Well, sorry to disappoint, but while “I know what happen because I just know, and you’re a doo-doo head” may work on the playground, but it doesn’t work in the real world.

    Contrary to what you assert in your ad hominem diatribe, I did not read anything “remotely normal” into the situation. I merely suggested that there was a freakizoid-like noncriminal possibility that needs to be resolved. You’d realize this if you’d bother to review this disgusting man’s MySpace page that was made available for all to see. (Oh, as to your assertion that I should “re-read his own comments,” I must ask where, perchance, is access to those “comments” to be had? Nowhere that I’ve seen posted. You must be reading those in your imagination. As it happens, the absence of a chat log is what I’ve been complaining about.)

    The simple fact is that until we can all read every word of the transcripts of the computer chats, neither one of us knows what occurred, and neither one of us knows whether this repulsive man’s intentions were criminal or merely disgusting.

    Look, Pee Berger, the next time you come to an argument, bring some sort of argument with you, will you, please? Thanks for the input, Ace, but you’re just making yourself look dumb. You know of evidence, and not just the mere fact that this man has been arrested? Fine, tell us what it is. If you don’t, then you’re in the dark just like the rest of us. End of story.


  9. Follow up, from the Internet:

    “(Atchison’s) MySpace profile, along with others that RAW STORY accessed Thursday, indicates Atchison would like to meet ‘DL [diaper-loving] girls needing a Daddy to pamper, spoil, change and take care of them.’ A Yahoo profile for fldaddy04 — the same screen-name Atchison used on MySpace — says his favorite quote is, ‘What a cute little butt!'”

    “His hobbies are listed as: ‘surfing, skiing, diving, boating, young girls, petite girls, skinny girls, TB/AB [teen baby/adult baby] girls, girls of all ages who like to dress and act young, and girls who like girls.’ The assistant US Attorney from Pensacola Florida was active on Internet message boards catering to infantilism — a fetish whose practitioners like to act like babies or little girls. On one message board, a woman describes being in ‘LG [little girl] mode’ when ‘wearing wet or poopy pants never worries me and I’m quite happy to wait until Daddy is ready to change me.’ Atchison replied as fldaddy04, ‘[T]hat’s exactly what I like in a little girl.'”

    Disgusting? Undoubtedly. But it still leaves open the question … did this man think he was speaking to an adult in “LG mode,” as they say, who was also a practitioner of the fetish infantilism, or was he seeking out a real 5-year-old girl?


  10. “But it still leaves open the question &hellip did this man think he was speaking to an adult in &ldquoLG mode,&rdquo as they say, who was also a practitioner of the fetish infantilism, or was he seeking out a real 5-year-old girl”

    I’m guessing that there aren’t many true 5 year olds with a MySpace page. However, he was talking to a “mother” of a 5 year old. If he thought that he was meeting an adult, why talk to a “mother?”


  11. mrspeedreader,
    Avail yourself of any newspaper, where his own quotes appear. You have but to read one. Once again, I ask, are you taking your medication? Please do so before venturing out into the real world.


  12. Allright, let’s put our thinking caps on.

    (1) Soobs — A fair question. Here’s my response. If these sorts of crazy freakish weirdos get off on one pretending to be “Daddy” and one pretending to be “Baby,” then why wouldn’t they want one pretending to be “Mommy” too? It could be either Adult Female preparing to pretend to be both Mommy and her own Baby, or else two Adult Females thought to be involved, one to play the Mommy role and one to play the Baby role. The one playing the Baby role is the one that he winds up having sex with. (Ick! Why did you make me spell that out? JHC Allmighty. It’s so damn ugly.)

    (Please let me stress again that I am NOT saying that this is necessarily what happened. I have no idea whatsoever. Maybe we’ll get the chat logs, and it will be clear as day that he knew that the subject was a real (so he thought) 5-year-old girl. Maybe the chat logs will reveal that he ones he’s done this with before were really pre-teen girls and not adult women pretending to be pre-teen girls. Well, then we’ll know. Right now, we don’t.)

    (2) Pee Berger — You’re right back where you were before. “Avail yourself of any newspaper where his own quotes appear”? Nonsense. In the newspapers, all you get are snipnets, and those are the one released by the prosecutors who are trying to make their case. None of those snipnets, moreover, is inconsistent with the possibility that he believed he was talking to a pretend mother with a pretend five-year-old who was actually an adult, in accordance with this gross sick disgusting makes-you-wanna-puke sex game that these creeps play. Once more, the fact is that we don’t know the full story now, and we won’t know until we are able to read the full chat logs. That’s that.

    (Oh, by the way, your lame and infantile “Are you taking your Medication” line is as insipid when repeated as it was when posted originally. I though I would at least read “What, did you fall on your head when you were born?” or “You must be some sort of retard.” I guess you’re saving those for later. I can’t wait, Ace.)

    (3) Moral of the Story: WAIT FOR THE F—ING EVIDENCE, PEOPLE. Move along in the meantime. There’s nothing to see here until there’s a jury selected or there’s a guilty plea.


  13. Mrspeedreader,
    Maybe you should read a little slower so that you can grasp the obvious. Then maybe everyone would stop picking on you.


  14. Sorry, Susieq, I can’t read as slow as you can. My lips don’t move when I read. “Grasp the obvious”? I doubt you’d know the obvious if it bit you in the ass.

    (Maybe if you’d think, those folks in your neighborhood would stop referring to you as “doofus”)


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