Tobin Kerns to finally learn his fate?

Kerns hearing set for Thursday:

Could there finally be a resolution to the case of Tobin Kerns? Could his long nightmare finally be over or has it just begun? For those of you knew to the party Tobin Kerns was arrested back in 2004 for allegedly plotting against his high school, Marshfield High in Massachusetts. At the time of his arrest, I thought he was just another mutant. However, after receiving comments and e-mails from his family and friends and doing a little research on my own I am convinced that Tobin is innocent. There have been many delays in reaching a resolution for this case. We just may find out tomorrow what Tobin’s fate is.

Plymouth Juvenile Court Judge Louis Coffin has scheduled a hearing for Thursday, Sept. 27, at 2 p.m. in the case of former Marshfield High School student Toby Kerns, accused of plotting a Columbine-style attack at the school.

Kerns, 19, was tried as a youthful offender in juvenile court last October, but Coffin did not issue a verdict while waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Judicial Court on the validity of one of the charges against him.

The SJC ruled Aug. 9 that Kerns should be charged on the basis of a state law passed in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, after Coffin had indicated he might apply a different statute.

Kerns was indicted in 2004 on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, promotion of anarchy and the threatened use of deadly weapons at a school, which was the disputed charge. Coffin dismissed the anarchy charge during the trial.

While this is all going on the man who I believe to be the true culprit, Joe Nee, son of the head of the Boston Police union, has barely even sniffed a courtroom…

Alleged co-conspirator Joseph Nee, 21, was indicted on the same charges, but his case has not yet gone to trial. He will be tried as an adult.

No word on when Nee’s court date is yet.

I encourage you to read the archives about this case.

Good luck Tobin.

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