More on the WM3 DNA evidence

West Memphis Three: Defense Attorney Says New Evidence Clears His Client:

A press release was issued yesterday by the public relations firm that represents the defense team for convicted killer Damien Echols, he of the infamous West Memphis 3. Click the link if you want to read the entire release otherwise it basically just talks about the DNA evidence that was originally made public back in July.

Apparently, the lawyers got around to filing the papers about the DNA and felt that it was so important they needed a PR firm to issue a press release about it. What’s next? The next time Echols drops a deuce are they going to issue a press release about it? It just screams of attention whoring. Hey remember us, we have this DNA stuff that we think will set a killer free. Please look at us. Then again the WM3’s best weapon has been the media and they wield it well. I mean look at how many sheep they’ve collected in the past 15 years.

Like I discussed before they’re now claiming that the DNA evidence points to Terry Hobbs the step-father of one of the victims. However, the WM3 supporters pointed the finger so long at Mark Byers it’s almost like they can’t be taken seriously.

As I’ve also discussed before the press release states that Hobbs’ ex-wife and mother of one of the victims think that Hobbs is capable of the murders. Like she wouldn’t have a reason to lie.

Basically, the WM3 team is grasping at straws while trying to make themselves look like they just found Jimmy Hoffa. As far as I’m concerned the highly lauded DNA evidence neither proves nor disproves anything.


I’m writing this part up a couple of hours after I wrote the above part. I just went to two different threads on two different websites about the WM3. One was a respected blog that had a handful of commenters and the other was a huge site devoted to news links. In both threads, WM3 supporters are still hanging on to Mark Byers just because he looked guilty in the documentaries. If you’re going to support a cause do some research people. At least pay attention to the latest news.

One thought on “More on the WM3 DNA evidence”

  1. The fact of the matter is that there is NO DNA evidence linking the three teenagers to the crime. You truly believe a 16-year-old,17-year-old and 18-year-old could brutally sodomize and kill 3 pre-pubescent boys in such a manner as was done and NOT leave behind any DNA?!?! Especially with one of them being mentally retarded?!?!

    The FACT of the matter is that there is NO EVIDENCE linking the 3 teenagers to this crime. I’ll admit that does not mean they didn’t do it, but it does indeed mean that they should not be in prison for it. Personally, I don’t believe they did it, but if there is any “reasonable doubt” they must go free no matter what, and there is plenty of “reasonable doubt”.


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