Arkansas says be patient to WM3

AG spokesman: Review in West Memphis appeal will take time:

The Arkansas State Attorney General’s Office said that it would take some time for the DNA “evidence” that has been presented in regards to the West Memphis 3 case to be processed.

In a statement, a spokesman for Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said state officials are seeing the evidence put forward by lawyers representing Damien Echols for the first time.

“As litigation goes, this process will likely take months and possibly years,” spokesman Gabe Holmstrom said. “Indeed, counsel for Echols has taken years to develop these claims so it will take the state a fair amount of time to properly respond.”

And for those of you that keep calling the trial a witch hunt…

The state Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the Baldwin and Echols’ convictions in 1996, citing what it called substantial evidence of guilt.

In 2002, the state Supreme Court authorized further DNA testing in the case. In 2005, the high court rejected an effort by Echols to reopen the case so he could argue that his trial lawyers mishandled his defense.

The State Supreme Court isn’t a bunch of country bumpkins that got their law degrees from a box of Moon Pies. But since most of y’all have a prejudice against the south you think they are. Little Rock is a far cry from West Memphis.

But hey, keep drinking the Kool-Aid if it makes you feel better. Just know that you’re giving a convicted killer exactly what he wants.

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