Werribee teens convicted

Seven convicted over Werribee sex DVD assault:

Seven teens were convicted over the infamous Werribee, Australia rape DVD because let’s face it, it was nothing short of rape.

The group took her to nearby river parkland where they began filming their activity, surrounding her in a circle and chanting “The Victim” – the title of the segment in which she featured on the DVD.

The youths cheered and chanted as she was urinated on, set alight, poked with sticks and made to perform sex acts.

Her clothes are taken and thrown in muddy water with two boys using her mascara to scrawl the title of the movie across her chest.

You’d think they’d receive jail time but that’s what we get for thinkin’.

Of the eight who pleaded guilty six were placed on strict youth supervision orders for up to 18 months and two on year-long probation.

All will be required to attend a counseling program for young sex offenders.

I don’t know what it’s like in Australia but here in The States, we all know how well counseling works. It rarely does. I’m sure these kids will be back in trouble with the law before we know it.

Thanks to Alan for the link.

7 thoughts on “Werribee teens convicted”

  1. This might give some insight into the program.

    The order requires the teens to report for up to six hours a week to a youth justice worker, who will counsel them and, in some cases, order them to perform community work for the period dictated by their sentence.

    Two of the teens who played lesser roles in the attack were sentenced to a probation order for 12 months, which requires them to report weekly to a youth justice worker.

    All of the boys were ordered to complete the Male Adolescent Program for Positive Sexuality, an educational program run by the Royal Children’s Hospital that is designed to prevent re-offending, which the judge said was not “an easy option”.

    Victoria Police and Department of Justice records showed only 5 per cent of participants over a 4 &ampfrac12 year period went on to commit further offences.

    The judge hearing this case was compelled to sentence the teenagers according to the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005. Sentencing of adults in Victorian courts focuses on rehabilitation as well as punishment and deterrence, but the primary goal of the Children’s Court is rehabilitation.


  2. I still think it’s a bit weak of a punishment for a crime of that nature…

    I think rape is the worst crime you can commit, coupled with the other things they did to her, they should be in a LITTLE more trouble than that.

    Such is life… what can we do about it..


  3. ey im from werribee fuck u and sucka dick u dont noe nothing havent seen shit it was mostly exgahreted dont u fuckheads think if they did as bad as the media said they would be stil walkin roun &gt?
    fuck u american u hav high school kids masscre ther class mates every 2 weeks dont u judge any ur the most snobish think u noe whats good for everyone else stopp killin each other


  4. PPl calm down! wot they did wasnt good but jay is probz rite da news alwwayss over exagurates shyt they probably ddnt do suth THAT bad cuz u noe if they dd do suth as huge as rape den they’d be fuckd in jail rite nw ! wot they did wuz wrong but nt wrong to the extent were they need 2 go 2 jail !


  5. well wen u put it dat way it sounds horrid !!!!! i dnt get dis case at alll !!!!!!! wot i want is 4 those guys 2 be behind bars but at da same time if da judge ddnt put dem behind bars den i guess suth showed dat they dnt need 2 b put in jail rite ??!!! there has 2 b suth else !


  6. The legal system in the US is effed up, but when I see how Australia deals with a case like this, I have to wonder if it’s not that bad here. These smelly pukes belong on prison for what they did–I saw the tape. And some poncy judge want to rehabilitate these kids who are already too far gone. Shame upon Australia, a pox upon the families of these animals and death by slow torture for the cowardly perpetrators.


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