Dixie Chick supports West Memphis 3

Dixie Chicks Start Defense Fund for Murderers:

Another celebrity has fallen under the spell of the West Memphis 3 propaganda machine but this one isn’t too surprising. Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks is CONVINCED that the WM3 are innocent after seeing the documentaries on them. The sure sign that your cause is doomed is when Natalie Maines signs on. Maines has started a defense fund for the WM3. Like they needed another one because the ones they’ve had so far have worked out really well for them.

Here’s her heartfelt plea…

“I’m writing this letter today because I believe that three men have spent the past 13 years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit,” Maines’ message begins.

“On May 5, 1993 in West Memphis, Ark., three 8-year-old boys, Steve Branch, Christopher Byers, and Michael Moore were murdered.

“Three teenage boys, Damien Echols, Jesse Misskelley, and Jason Baldwin were convicted of the murders in 1994. Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley received life sentences without parole, and Damien Echols sits on death row.

“I encourage everyone to see the HBO documentaries, ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘Paradise Lost 2’ for the whole history of the case.”

So she sees two movies that have an obvious agenda and she’s convinced the three are innocent. Whatever. Ringing celebrity endorsements haven’t done squat for the WM3 yet. This one won’t either.

7 thoughts on “Dixie Chick supports West Memphis 3”

  1. Natalie Maines is a follower. She searches out causes that people she wants to be like or hang around with are invloved in. the only thing Natalie cares about is drawing attention to herself at the expense of others.


  2. Well, now there apears to be DNA evidence exonerating the Wm3 and implicating the father of one of the murdered victims.

    Bottom line–there is not one shred of evidence that these kids comiited thses murders.

    Nothing, other than the coerced confession of a border line retarded kid.

    End of discussion.


  3. Poor John!!! He must’ve read the Devil’s knot too!!!! LOL I love it when these people keep calling Miskelley borderline retarded…..cracks me up. Guess they didn’t hear about his test scores being skewed a little. People love to throw that in there….that he was “coerced”. Funny enough, that when he mentions chasing down Michael Moore…..nobody suggests that to him…..he offers that interesting bit of information all by his little “borderline retarded” self. He even goes on to describe the boy he chased….down to the very details of his little cub scout uniform…..and funny enough….nobody mentioned that to him either.

    The hair from Terry Hobbs is called secondary transfer John. If my kids friends come to my house I can assure you that they would also find my hair and/or clothing fibers on them. The difference is….Terry Hobbs had a rock solid alibi……the WM3 have never ever been able to prove theirs.

    Now stop watching silly documentaries (which in my opinion shows their guilty anyway) and reading silly books written by people with huge agendas…..and go and read exhibit 500.

    He did a lot more than just wear black and listen to Metallica. My brother listened to AC/DC, sang highway to hell and also wore black but he never drank blood (which Damien readily admits to), brutalized animals (had a dog skull to prove it) or threatened to eat my father alive (which we all know Damien did). Stop defending child murderers…..take up a new cause thats worth while.


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