More on the death of Zoe Garcia

Days before custody talks, father learns child is dead:

This is an article about how Zoe Garcia’s father tragically found out that his daughter was killed days before he was to discuss custody with Zoe’s mother.

However, I wanted to point out just how messed up it was in Zoe Garcia’s home…

Neighbor Rhonda Simonetti said she babysat twice for Trujillo’s youngest three kids, during which Zoe broke down crying and admitted that her bruises came from Roberts hitting her.

“I took a day off work and drove to Social Services in Greeley to file a complaint,” Simonetti said. “I never heard anything back.”

Apparently, other neighbors had called social services as well but nothing ever happened.

So you have a careless mother, a violent daughter and her equally violent boyfriend, and a failed social services department. So why is Mortal Kombat being blamed exactly?

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