Canadian Facebook Vigilantes always out their man

Facebook vigilantes identify alleged cat killers:

The Royal Canadian Kilted Facebook Vigilantes have struck once more. I made that name up by the way with heavy influence from Ren and Stimpy.

Anyway this time they’ve published the names of four teenage animal abusers…

In a case of vigilante justice, the identities of four teenage boys accused of killing a cat by putting it in a microwave oven in Camrose, Alta., were posted on a Facebook page on Sunday.

The names of the boys, who were charged with animal cruelty and other offences after allegedly breaking into a home on Dec. 29 and killing the cat, were quickly pulled from the website by police because the accused cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The names had been posted on one of several group pages condemning the boys’ actions and threatening violence, said Sgt. Tony Thomsen.

Now while I think these scumbag animal abusers should be hung by a certain body part the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes have to understand that by posting the offenders name not only are they possibly impeding the investigation but they could be getting themselves in trouble as well.

Now if I was some kind of unscrupulous person I would remind the Canadian Facebook Vigilantes that the Youth Criminal Justice Act doesn’t affect Americans.

8 thoughts on “Canadian Facebook Vigilantes always out their man”

  1. The boys who abused this cat (and likely others, since this kind of gross stupidity usually happens more than once) should be stuck in a microwave and cooked. And yes, I do truly mean that. I’m sick of reading about all these idiots who have no respect for animal life (like those really bright boys in SF who needlessly got their friend and a tiger killed). There is a great (and deadly) difference between being a curious kid, playing a stupid prank, and having the makeup of a serious psychosocial disorder. This kids crossed that line. Animal abusers OFTEN later commit other crimes, crimes of a sexual nature, and OFTEN are incapable of feeling genuine compassion or empathy. Not always, but too often to ignore this kind of behavior. BTW, where are the parents, and what kind of ethics are they teaching their kids? If you have the kind of kid who needs to be told “Killing cats is wrong,” then TELL THE KID, don’t wait for the abuse to actually occur.


  2. Used to be torturing animals was a darkly private act committed in secret and signifying a very disturbed mind. But these days, kids are so desensitized by shocking, inventive violence all around them that four kids who might be nothing more than trouble makers commit the acts of sociopaths, acts they should not be able to stomach.

    How can they stomach it? Just like the child warriers in Africa intentionally subjected to so much horror they snap, that’s how. We’re letting just that much horror into our kids minds.

    It’s not just the rare mutant sociopaths we have to fear anymore. We make our monsters now. Be afraid. You nuke a cat and your humanity is pretty much over.


  3. I am so sick an tired of our bullshit youth crimial justice act. This disgusting piece of legislation has got to go. Our fucking country is being run by fucking bleeding heart pussies, and it’s a disgrace. Sick bastards like this need to be punished. This kind of bullshit does not happen in countires that have real laws and real consequences. The youth of Canada fucking well know that they can do whatever the fuck they want because as soon as they turn 19 they are free. It’s sick. Not only was this the premeditated torture and murder of a helpless animal, it was also pre-meditated act of emotional terrorism against the animals owners, and it should be treated as such.


  4. I’m probably a “fucking bleeding heart pussy.” I’d be one to talk to those boys. I’ve talked to plenty of kids who’ve done horrible things. They are numb, like child warriors. They have no idea how they could do what they did. It’s our job to figure that out if we’re going to change things and not just enjoy our indignation and rage.

    Just because bleeding hearts are willing to look at the matter in it’s entirety and do not permit their revulsion to prevent examination doesn’t mean we don’t think these kids should be removed from society. We don’t permit our hatred to inhibit action though. There are realities in horror and they must be faced. Just screaming hang ’em, rape ’em, nuke ’em does not help prevent it in the future. In fact, I believe it inhibits a progressive response.

    I’ll give an example. I think it’s so many cold-hearted, hate-filled people screaming to castrate pedophiles that prevents examining castration as a possible tool. Screaming for barbaric, punative mutilation reminds us that we’re better than that, more evolved, so we reject it as a barbaric knee jerk reaction to revulsion. But maybe if we were able to look at the shreds of humanity left in these twisted people, we could serve everyone, including them, by making castration acceptible and even gentle. Castration is such a horror because people scream it savagely, embracing it as a violation. That’s not us bleeding hearts screaming cut ’em. But it’s not because we wouldn’t do it. It’s because we wouldn’t want to join the barbarism of both the criminals and the lynch mob. Maybe castration could be a great gift to seriously damaged offenders who see no way to ever control their impulses. I know you hate to hear this, but they are not all cold monsters. We need to use their regret and empathy while they still have some because the more evil they do, the deader they get and the greater evil they can do.

    So these atrocious acts these boys did, we need to face reality. Are we going to put them away forever? Hang them? Not going to happen. Facts are, they’ll come out of prison number and nastier than before. It’s not even love for them that demands we help them. It’s love for ourselves that demands we try to fix them before they are among us again.

    It’s all very satisfying to vent our rage, dream of Bubba raping them in prison, whatever sick fantasy satisfies, but the fact is they will be among us again. Bleeding hearts face this reality. If they were going away forever to indulge their violence apart from us, we might think otherwise. But they’ll be among us and our children so we need to reach for whatever humanity is left in them. You want those boys coming out raped, beaten, having raped and beaten others? Or do you want them coming out having been reduced to revulsion and disgusted sobs of regret and fear that they could perpetrate such horror? The latter, trust me, it’s the latter.


  5. you’re right. It’s the parents who should be hung. If it was one child I’d say there was a chnace he was just a bad egg that even the paretns couldn’t have helped, but four of them leads me to believe they had complete idiots for parents who indeed should be castrated to prevent them from releasing anymore of their spawn upon society.


  6. Dan, ever hear of the saying “an eye for an eye?” There is no sense in trying to explain any of their behavior. From my reading, it seems that one of the boys was the ringleader. The rest of the kids deserve incarceration in a mental institution, and the ringleader future serial killer deserves the eye for the eye. What’s needed is a microwave oven big enough for this sub-human teenage piece of shit.


  7. If a named “kid” commits a crime, like robbing a bank, how are you supposed to get more information about it?

    And how are you supposed to ask the public if you’ve seen this “kid”?

    The public should be asked if these kids were seen in relation to any other violent acts that may have happened like that elsewhere…


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