NY husband and wife MySpace rapists indicted

Queens couple used 2 Internet teen girls for sex, prosecutors say:

22-year-old Sophie Soto and her husband, 31-year-old Julio Rojas, have been arrested for an assortment of charges. I’ll let the article explain the travesties they’ve committed…

The sordid saga began in late 2006, when Sophie Soto, 22, used the MySpace social networking site to contact one of the girls, prosecutors said Monday in a statement. Soto told the girl that she was an 18-year-old virgin who had sexual relations with girls and was planning to have sex with a boy but was nervous and wanted the girl to be with her, they said.

The girl wrote back to Soto and said she would be there and would take a friend along, and their relationship developed through telephone and Internet instant-message conversations, prosecutors said.

When the girls showed up at Soto’s Queens apartment in January 2007, she liquored them up and took them into a bedroom, where she sexually abused them before her husband, Julio Rojas, 31, had sexual intercourse with all three, District Attorney Richard Brown said.

Later that night, the couple took the girls, who were under 15 but were given fake identification cards, to a Manhattan strip club, where Soto and an exotic dancer dragged them on stage, slipped their clothes off and made them have oral sex with patrons, the district attorney said.

Together the pair face a 56-count indictment including charges of rape, sexual abuse, and using a child in a sexual performance.

While the ultimate responsibility for these crimes ultimately lays with the multiple rapist scumbags that did this to these poor girls it still has to be asked.

Where in the hell were these girls’ parents?

Why aren’t the attorneys general looking into that?

2 thoughts on “NY husband and wife MySpace rapists indicted”

  1. Where are these parents and why do these kids think it is ok to have sex with two strangers they met online? I son’t understand the youth of today, I know they are children, but why are kids these days at 13 and 14 meeting strangers for sex?


  2. im 15 and i understand whats good and whats bad for online and parents really dont explain these things these days because they dont really understand the dangers of what can happen and if they do most believe that hey this cant happen to my child but it does anyways. but the girls must have no comment sense or ether they just get bored with being safe though their years. but still its no reason why this is.


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