Parents of Chrostopher Penley sue police

Parents of Orlando-area teen sue sheriff’s office over fatal school shooting:

The parents of Christopher Penley are suing the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

In January of 2006 15-year-old Christopher took a pellet gun and altered it to look like a real gun. He took the gun to Milwee Middle School where he used the gun to take a classmate hostage then held police at bay. Lt. Mike Weippert who did not know the gun was not real made the split-second decision to shoot Penley. Penley died at the hospital two days later after being declared brain-dead and taken off life support.

Weippert was cleared of any wrongdoing and from what I’ve heard from people who claim to know him he was very distraught over the incident.

Penley’s parents are seeking unspecified damages. I feel bad for the Penley’s but as I’ve stated before but their son sealed his own fate by pointing a gun at police. If Christopher had not brought the gun to school and acted like it was a real firearm police would have never have been called and he’d still be alive. We are all responsible for our own actions.

If I was a judge I would never let this case see a courtroom.

6 thoughts on “Parents of Chrostopher Penley sue police”

  1. It sure sheds some light on just how Christopher got to be such a fucked up little asshat now doesn’t it? Asshats breed asshats.


  2. The cop is upset about having to shoot the Penley’s precious little snowflake? Suffering from mental anguish?

    Countersue. Sue the Penleys for negligence in allowing the brat to use a fake gun and point it at police.


  3. I second that one Belch. I’m really curious to hear the basis of the suit. I would say, “I wonder what idiot thinks the parents actually have a case.” …I’m fairly certain we will hear from him soon though -)

    And THIS is why lawyers whould be accountable for frivolous suits. Whatever lawyer is taking this case should be 75% responsible for court costs and whatever it costs the city to defend itself from this moronic action…the parents should have to cover the other 25%.


  4. You are a sick person for thinking that it is alright for a Police officer to shoot to kill a minor. There were other ways to approach the problem, that cop is not a professional, he should be taken his gun and batch away. They should be prepare for dealing with situations like that and even worse. Don’t excuse someone because he has a batch, that makes it even worst, that is why the world is so corrupted for people like you and that police officer. There are no excuses for that wrong do. I wonder how will you react if that was your son?, in this case it don’t matter, people like you destroy the world and everything that is confuse at one point of time, like if you never been confused in your life. Make yourself a favor and don’t give your opinion on any matter as delicate as this one.


  5. You’re not even literate and you question a policeman’s actions? Get some education.

    And by the way I taught my son not to be stupid by taking a gun, fake or otherwise, to school.


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