Dana Trujillo arrested

Dana Trujillo, mother of murder victim Zoe Garcia arrested:

Dana Trujillo, the mother of both Zoe Garcia and Heather Trujillo, was arrested this past Thursday on child abuse charges. Zoe Garcia was the 7-year-old killed by her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, Lamar Roberts when they supposedly practiced ‘Mortal Kombat’ moves on Zoe. Heather Trujillo and Roberts are both being charged as adults for Zoe’s murder.

Dana Trujillo was arrested on an outstanding warrant from 2003 in New Mexico.

But the charges against the girls’ mother, Dana Trujillo, stem back to 2003, when Dana and three daughters lived in Socorro, N.M. Police in the small New Mexico town said Dana Trujillo is suspected of leaving her children, — then ages 12, 4. and 3.

“There was no assault or battery,” said Capt. Mike Winders of the Socorro Police Department. “The crime was that she was not feeding or caring for them properly, and that’s why we issued the warrant.”

It’s obvious that Mortal Kombat had nothing to do with Zoe’s murder but the media just can’t let that go. It just shows how clueless they still are about video games. It’s not like they haven’t been around for 30+ years or anything.

2 thoughts on “Dana Trujillo arrested”

  1. Ok so the sibling killed her sister along with her boyfriend who just happened to be there and love her enough to do whatever she wanted of him (Ahh young Love)
    They pin this on a Video game?
    The fact that the upbringing which is evident in the charges Mom was picked up on from back in 2003 Never ever played a part in these kids being screwed up right?

    No matter that this woman was Mom for their whole lives and effected them from day one at Birth. They choose rather to blame a Video game that they played a max of what 4 years? if that?
    NO Never not being left alone to fend for ones self at a early age, not having a responsible parent or parents when growing up. None of these things have to do with HOW these kids turned out. It was the game, the game darn it.

    I just wish ONE parent would stand the heck up and take responsibility Just once.


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