Trial of Dane Abdool starts

Man Accused Of Burning Girlfriend Heads To Trial:

Longtime readers may remember when I first posted about Dane Abdool. Almost two years ago a 19-year-old Dane Abdool was arrested for setting his 17-year-old girlfriend, Amelia Sookdeo, on fire, killing her.

It’s alleged that Amelia told Abdool that she was pregnant. Abdool allegedly wrapped her in duct tape, doused her in gasoline, set her on fire, then left her in a ditch to die. The medical examiner determined after Amelia’s death that she wasn’t even pregnant.

Abdool’s trial started today on first-degree murder charges with a possible death sentence.

Today was the start of jury selection.

3 thoughts on “Trial of Dane Abdool starts”

  1. What a mess. I just read through all the comments in the original post and I think my IQ dropped a couple of points.

    He burned this young girl alive! Seriously, death by fire is too good for this guy. He deserves the most horrible and painful death the human mind can conjure up.


  2. I’m with you Kathy. Somehow I missed the original from a few years ago. Glad I did. Idiots have a tendency to make me lose my cool. Seems to have been a whole bunch of them. I wonder if they will now slither out from under their rocks to find this new thread? I htink their attention span is probably too short. And of course its from Florida, the new home of the mentally challenged and deranged…


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