Dane Abdool just panicked, that’s all

Murder trial hears how girl, 17, was burned to death:

Previously we’ve seen Dane Abdool try to claim that the burning death of his girlfriend, Amelia Sookdeo, was an accident.

Yeah, right. I’m sure he bound her in duct tape and doused her in gasoline by accident. He claims he was just trying to scare her.

However, during his trial, two witnesses claim that Abdool tried to hire them to kill Amelia after she told Abdool she was pregnant.

Two teenagers testified Thursday that Abdool at one point contacted them about killing Amelia because of the pregnancy. He offered one $400 to do it.

“I told him he was crazy,” said Julian Pinnock, who was 17 at the time. “I figured he was some spoiled rich kid.”

The tragedy of all this, prosecutors said, was that Amelia was not pregnant.

Abdool’s lawyer also claims he ‘panicked’ and left Amelia’s body in a ditch…

Defense attorneys told jurors that Abdool was there when Amelia died but it was an accident.

He panicked afterward, leaving her and went to wash his car, said Abdool’s attorney Trish Cashman.

I’m sure he wasn’t trying to cover anything up by washing his car.

I really hope the jury isn’t that stupid.

2 thoughts on “Dane Abdool just panicked, that’s all”

  1. I wonder what the odds are that a jury is going to “accidentally” find him guilty and he’s going to “accidentally” spend the rest of his life in prison getting “accidentally” butt-raped?


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