Abdool trial continues

Trial Continues For Man Accused Of Burning Girlfriend Alive:

Yesterday in the trial of Dane Abdool an arson investigator testified that in his opinion Abdool intentionally set 17-year-old girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo on fire.

Monday, arson investigators told the jury that Abdool poured gasoline on his sometime-girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo pretty much from head to toe. Investigators said they found gasoline on her face, soaked through all of her clothing and her socks and shoes. They said that 80-percent of her body was burned and that Abdool removed the nozzle from the gas can he used so that the gasoline would pour out more quickly. Gloves were also found at the scene.

A State Fire Marshal investigator told the jury he believes it was an intentional burning because of all of the circumstances involved, including the fact that the arsonist would have had to have been close to the victim.

“The vapors coming off the gasoline would have been more defused out in the open making it more difficult to ignite,” state arson investigator Juan Bailey testified Monday, adding that the igniting device would have to be close to the gasoline to spark it.

Also according to the article, Abdool showed no emotion when shown pictures of Amelia’s charred remains. Well, what did they expect really?

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