Nee sentenced to 9 months

Man Gets 9 Months in Mass. School Plot:

That’s 9 months with three months served.

I’m surprised but I’m not. I’m surprised that the judge actually sentenced Joe Nee to jail time but I’m not surprised that he got less than Tobin Kerns.

Let’s get some reactions…

“Obviously, being his parents, we’re heartbroken,” father Thomas Nee said after the sentencing.

Heartbroken that his position as head of the Boston police union didn’t carry enough clout maybe. If he was such a caring father maybe he wouldn’t have thrown his son out of the house when Nee went to live with the Kerns family. Or maybe he wouldn’t let his son wear a t-shirt to the school of the Columbine killers that said ‘Remember the Heroes’.

Next, we’ll hear from Joe Nee’s attorney, the always humorous Thomas Dreschler…

Nee’s attorney, Thomas Drechsler, asked Judge Charles Grabau to spare Nee any additional jail time.

“My client did go to police, and Kerns didn’t. I felt that he should have gotten a more lenient sentence,” Drechsler said. He said he plans to appeal the conviction.

The only reason Nee went to police was that he was in fear of Tobin Kerns going to the police first. He should have gotten a lot more time than Tobin Kerns. By most accounts, Nee was the ring leader.

Now let’s hear from Nee’s sister

Nee’s family was in tears, hugging outside the courtroom. His sister, Katherine Nee, said the ruling sends a message that people should not go to the police.

You mean how like a lot of the kids in Marshfield were afraid to go to the police about a policeman’s son?

I expect a few things to happen. I expect the sentence to be reduced on appeal. I expect Nee to get special treatment while in jail. I also expect that this won’t be the last time we hear about Joe Nee’s criminal activities. Either that or he’ll become a Boston cop.

2 thoughts on “Nee sentenced to 9 months”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, him getting special treatment may not be a “good thing”. Let you use your imagination with that one.


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