Abdool convicted

Orlando-area man convicted of setting on fire, killing girlfriend:

Dane Abdool was convicted in the burning death of his girlfriend Amelia Sookdeo.

As you may recall Abdool was accused of wrapping her in duct tape, dousing her in gasoline, then setting her on fire when she told him she was pregnant. Autopsy results stated she wasn’t pregnant at all.

It only took jurors four hours to hand down a guilty verdict.

Abdool is eligible for the death penalty.

2 thoughts on “Abdool convicted”

  1. Aw, so unfair, since it was all an accident. Hopefully he’ll accidentally receive a lethal injection. Or be accidentally set on fire in prison. All kinds of things could happen by accident. Neat how it kinda works both ways, huh.


  2. So where are all the semi-literate in-breds that were at this site in droves taking up for this piece of garbage back when the story first broke?


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