More on Sean Brown’s guilty plea

Suspect pleads guilty in slaying of Fort Bend teen:

Yesterday I posted about Sean Brown’s guilty plea for the charges of helping to dispose of Ashton Glover’s body. I wondered what became of the murder charge against him. The article I linked to clears it all up…

Felcman said investigators did not have enough evidence to proceed with the murder charge. Brown, along with triggerman Matt McCombs, were indicted on charges of murder in the death of Glover, 16, who was shot the night of July 6, 2006 in a muddy field near Missouri City.

It also says that the Glovers agreed with the plea.

Brown will be eligible for parole in 5 years.

One thought on “More on Sean Brown’s guilty plea”

  1. They didn’t have enough evidence?? Are you serious the guy witnessed a murder stuck around for BREAKFAST afterwards!!!! Then HELPED McCombs bury him. Then try to flee to Canada…Who does this if not a sick person who is Guilty and should not be eligible for parole any time soon.


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