3/14/08: From the Mail Sack

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since we dipped into my sack…of mail that is.

I received the following e-mail twice yesterday from a supporter of the West Memphis 3.

User Name: John O’Bryan

To whom it may concern,

I’m a little curious to know why you’re so adamant about the guilt of the West Memphis Three? Especially after the lack of DNA evidence. I grew up in Memphis and remember very vividly when the crime took place. The way the news media handled the case was ridiculous, and every southern baptist idiot within 200 miles was saying “obviously these are the guys who did it”.

Can’t you at least admit they didn’t get a fair trial? I understand you don’t want to be labeled a “follower”, but sometimes being a stubbornly obtuse contrarian can be even worse. What do you have against natalie Maines anyway? If you’re still a Bush supporter, that might go a long way toward answering ALL of my questions.

I find this e-mail kind of ironic because the whole basis of the West Memphis 3 movement is that the WM3 were allegedly judged unfairly yet Mr. O’Bryan goes on to make a lot of judgments himself, but I digress.

Like I’ve said before I’ve been writing about school shootings for going on 8 years now. Over the years I’ve developed sort of a profile of school shooters. Damien Echols and company fit that profile to a T. Also like I’ve stated before if the WM3 were born 10 years later they would have been school shooters instead of child killers. Do I say that because they dressed in black and listened to heavy metal? No, because that describes me at the time they were convicted. Hell, it describes me now except now my black clothes are a suit and tie instead of an Iron Maiden T-Shirt and I’ll be metal until the day I die.

Can I admit that they didn’t receive a fair trial? No, I can’t. I believe the movies and books made about them were heavily biased. The authors and filmmakers already had their goal in mind when they started. Not only that but they left a lot out of the whole story from their respective works.

As far as the DNA evidence or lack thereof goes it proves nothing. The flip side to none of their DNA evidence being found at the scene is that Mark Byers’ DNA wasn’t there either. For years the WM3 supporters have called for the head of Mark Byers claiming that he was the one that actually committed the murders. I could then say that since his DNA evidence wasn’t there that he couldn’t have committed the murders either. Let’s not forget that their bodies were found in a creek which could have washed away any DNA.

What do I have against Natalie Maines? Let me count the ways. She insulted the office of the President while overseas. I don’t care who is in office at the time have some respect for your country. She’s a member of PETA which is only a few vegans short of being an eco-terrorism organization. She fell for the hype of the Paradise Lost movies. And lastly, her music sucks.

For the most part, West Memphis 3 supporters remind me of Ron Paul supporters and members of the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. Just because you’re big on the internet you think you’re more important than what you actually are.

Personally, I think you’ve all given Echols exactly what he wanted, fame and a following that was bigger than Manson’s.

43 thoughts on “3/14/08: From the Mail Sack”

  1. Wow, where to start with this piece of pseudo-sleuth drivel. Watch out, murderers everywhere! Some douche in a trenchcoat is studying your every move. I was hoping for a personal email, but since you insist on using my questions to promote your website instead of replying like a real man, I guess we can do this in the “comments” section underneath said drivel.

    You compare my judgment of you to the jury’s judgment of the wm3, even though you’re not on trial for murder, and I’m not on a jury. Hardly a similar situation. Then you yourself go on to profile these three kids and say they fit the mold of a “school shooter”, even though “school shooting” isn’t technically what they’ve ever been charged with.

    It also seems to elude you that they DO NOT fit the mold of a sexual mutilation perpetrator. Since you’ve been following this case for eight years, I’m sure you know that the victims’ genitals were removed. In crimes such as that, it’s usually a family member who is responsible for the crime. USUALLY. Notice that I’m not going to generalize like you did and pin the blame on some random character who fits the profile.

    And shouldn’t you cite some piece of hard evidence instead of saying they fit the profile? I was under the impression that’s how our justice system was supposed to work. hell, I’d be happy if you even backed up your assertion that they “fit the profile”. But you just leave it at that and expect us to take your word. i guess you are a super-sleuth!

    You also generalize the WM3 supporters as calling for the head of John Mark Byers, when in fact most of them were only saying he should have probably been questioned after the murders.

    I also appreciate your double standard in logic, assuming that the lack of Byers’ DNA exonerates him, whereas the lack of WM3 DNA does NOTHING to support their innocence. Seriously, you’ll have to explain that one to me.

    I’m going to ignore your assumption that I’m a supporter of the wm3, when in fact I’m merely a supporter of human rights. In addition to there being no physical evidence to support the prosecution in this case, I have a hell of a problem with juveniles being tried as adults, especially in capital murder cases.

    Finally, regarding Nathalie Maines. I have no problem with the assertion that her music sucks, but as for your complaint that she disparages our President overseas… Seriously, dude? Did you grow up in the twenties? Disparaging our president is the DUTY of every participant in our supposed “democracy”. That’s what I call respect for your country. Especially now, especially when people the world over assume that all Americans are just like their President. So look at me, I’m saying it to England: our President eats a bag of dog dicks.

    Personally, I think Maines is far more interesting now than she ever was before. Peta, Toby Keith, and all — at least she has opinions how and isn’t some Texas housewife who nods at every word that comes out of her man’s mouth.

    And finally finally, I question your metal fandom. What are you into, Stryper? That’s a judgment that I’m making right now, because I’m not on a jury and you’re not on trial for muder. Here’s another one: you’re an overweight security guard who lost his job and spends his days reading crime novels. But I digress too!

    Also finally finally finally, “eco-terrorism” is largely a buzzword made up by rightwing politicians to illicit public interest in their campaigns against environmental activists. A more accurate term is “property damage”, as there are usually no lives lost in these instances of “terrorism”. But surely someone with your investigative journalism skills already knows that.


  2. take note people…this is one of the few things you will ever see Trench and me disagree on.

    Mr. O’Bryan, i agree with you that they did not get a fair trial. i’ve read both books (one pro-WM3, and one anti), and there is not a doubt in my mind that they didn’t get fair trials.
    do i think they’re guilty? i haven’t the foggiest. if evidence shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that they’re not, i will be among the first to congratulate them. if evidence shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that they did it, i would gladly sign on as executioner. those poor children were only a couple of years older than our own son.

    as far as Natalie Maines goes, it’s nothing so complex or political with me. she’s just an annoying twat. and her music sucks.


  3. Jade,

    The problem lies in proving their innocence beyond reasonable doubt. Therein lies the rub, since proving a negative is virtually impossible. This is a serious flaw in our system.

    and even if it turns out they are guilty, I’m pretty sure the state of Arkansas won’t let you sign on executioner 🙂


  4. Belchspeak… too stupid to… respond to. Must… type… something equally… stupid… so he can… read it. (passing out from stupidity overload)

    Seriously, to answer your semi-literate comment that steals a joke from a SNL skit from 18 fucking years ago:

    I suppose I would blow Jason first, since he seems to get the least attention. Then Mumia, Damian, then Jesse in that order.

    Now, which of the “Blue Collar Comedy” guys would you blow in what order?


  5. Lord….this is what i get for not checking to see if there’s other comments before i post my own. i’ll try to keep this somewhat in order.

    first, if you don’t like the way he runs his site, piss off. no one is holding a gun to your head and making you read it. go away, and don’t let the proverbial door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    second, if you had researched the case as carefully as you would like us to believe you did, you would know that not all three boys were sexually mutilated. only one. and you don’t have to be a criminal mastermind or a psychology major to know that mutilating a body like that is a good way to try to throw suspicion off of one’s self.

    questioning Trench’s metalocity? dude, you’re an idiot. that was probably the single least smart thing you said all day, except for the part about him being an unemployed security guard. we’re relatively young, raising two kids, within spitting distance of our house being ours free and clear, and i don’t have to work. i don’t know many rent-a-cops who can say that, but i have a feeling you might know a little more about that, huh?

    and finally, while it may not be commonplace for people to die in eco-terrorist attacks, it does happen. if it never happened, it would be called a minor annoyance rather than terrorism. you dumb fuck.


  6. Ohhhh, you’re married to the guy?! That answers a lot of questions, such “who the fuck bothers to read this blog?” Now I see why he has at least one responder to each blog: it’s his fucking wife!

    Seriously though, you have to appreciate the irony of you calling me an idiot, and then using “spitting distance” as a denomination of distance measurement.

    And yes, goddammit, I do question his metalocity! If you aren’t spinning Mastadon or Bloodhag, I don’t give a fuck what you have to say about the subject. Or should I say, I’m within spitting distance of not giving a fuck.

    And finally, why don’t you bother to cite an example of “eco-terrorism” that took a life? And IF such a case exists, then fair enough. Call that eco-terrorism, and refer to THE VAST MAJORITY of cases as “property destruction”? Or is that too reasonable for you?


  7. The blue who? Dude, being gay is one thing, but a cock-gobling connoisseur of criminal geesh is quite another. You have far more problems than typical leftist hysteria. Check into a psych ward and get yourself treated for face warts. And brush your teeth. Dayam.


  8. Not to nitpick, but the word is “gobbling”. Now, stop listening to A.M. talk radio and try reading something.


  9. And maybe pick up a newspaper every now and then. The past 8 years of global suffering haven’t been caused by “leftist hysteria”, unless you believe the aforementioned talk radio.


  10. hahahahaha,

    yes, in fact, I’m dining on the flesh of one right now! mmmm, delicious!

    I bet the trenchcoat loves having a MENSA whiz like you on his side.


  11. As opposed to a leftist kook who spouts tired cliches about global suffering, human rights abuses and how insulting the president is patriotic? Im sure I’m welcome.

    The fact is you only care about the jailed WM3 because as a leftist, you support everything that is evil, failed and wrong. You don’t care if millions die around the world from poverty or disease or religious intolerance. Hell, that just makes those dead guys “carbon neutral.” But 3 killers of children? Why let them out of jail! Total hypocrisy.


  12. You want to talk cliches? You’re the one who mentioned aborted fetuses — my lunch meat of choice.

    “as a leftist, you support everything that is evil, failed and wrong.”

    I’m confused, are you talking about the Bush Administration, the War on Drugs, the pro-life movement, or the War in Iraq?

    And no offense, but you have no idea what I fucking care about, so go pretend to be a Christian for someone else. Not that it matters, but I used to think like you before I got a college education. maybe try night school?


  13. And here come the REAL nuts out of the wood work. An “inside job”…snicker snicker.

    Wow John…you really are full of yourself aren’t you?


  14. Yes I am a nut. Have you looked at evidence supporting the idea of an inside job? We wouldn’t know for sure either way I guess. Doesn’t matter. We’re stuck in a mess with the war. it’s all bullshit.


  15. No, I don’t share the opinion that 9/11 was an inside job. But that’s entirely irrelevant to the issue at hand.


  16. “For the most part West Memphis 3 supporters remind me of Ron Paul supporters and members of the so called 9/11 Truth Movement.”

    Really? I think the wm3 detractors (such as yourself) remind me of the folks who were insisting that Saddam had WMD and strong ties to Al Qaeda. Many of them still insist on those points to this day. (The guy who runs this site likes to make bad analogies, so I thought I’d throw one in of my own.) Human beings don’t like to admit their mistakes, as it involves lots of embarrassment and hours upon hours of work to clean them up.

    He also talks about the wm3 supporters being zealots. I wonder what Trenchy has to say about the experts who now say that the victims were emasculated by wild animals. Is that bullshit, just because they were called by the defense? I encourage everyone to watch the press conference on you-tube. Can YOU put aside your zeal long enough to weigh the new evidence, or are you that sure that the Crittendon county investigators got it right the first time (now that’s something to SNICKER at, assholes).

    And if t-coat still doesn’t believe they deserve a new trial, then i’d love to hear what he thinks about the bullshit charges of Satanism and testicle licking that were made by the prosecution. Do those ridiculous charges count as “evidence”? Are they the markings of a fair trial? Pull your heads out of rectums.


  17. Maybe if Johnboy throws a big enough hissy fit they can get a new trial. Maybe if he writes enough angry emails to owners of websites and to the commenters on the articles, his perverted brand of justice can be done. But it wont happen.


  18. Belch,

    You are a backwoods halfwit with no insight to contribute. I own both you and your cello, punk-ass. This, you know to be true in your heart of hearts.


  19. Ha! I have a fan!

    You really shouldn’t be watching that show, though. It’s a little above your maturity level.

    Now that you’ve reached stalker level, I full expect you to be calling my home phone number any second now. Unlike the rest of the secretive fucktards, I use my real name on these boards.


  20. To leftists, all terms and labels are open to endless debate. Eco-terrorism is merely damaged property. Incarceration is a violation of human rights. Spouting hateful speech against a sitting president is “patriotic.” And using google to uncover facts that the leftist himself wrote is “stalking.”

    Mighty Bold of you to use your real name, Johnny.

    John O’Bryan is a writer for the animated series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” on Nickelodeon, a Paramount company. Besides being an avowed leftist, O’Bryan agitates for the release of killers of children, namely the West Memphis 3. He is supportive of the efforts of eco-terrorists who commit arson in the name of their cause. He has expressed support for Sherman Austin, an anarchist who served prison for bombmaking plans posted on his website of Raise the Fist.

    He has also been a blogger on the left wing site of the Huffington Post where he posted a long hate piece against CNN newscaster Lou Dobbs. And when someone criticized his rambling diatribe, he logged back in as a sockpuppet of the name of “Antilaugh” using the email address of antilaugh@yahoo.com to insult the commenter. Antilaugh is the handle O’Bryan uses when not using his real name.

    Google’s funny. I bet this shows up when your next potential employer does an Internet search prior to your hiring.


  21. Well, you missed a couple of credits, but what the hell. I also post on mixed martial arts forums on occasion (but not often). Why didn’t you just cut and paste the bio from my Huffpo piece? It’s all in there.

    (sigh) I would go into the Sherman Austin case, but I doubt you really care to hear the details. Feel free to continue to simplify issues in a manner that suits your point. I guess you still have better investigation skills than the proprietor of this site. You do realize that my handle “antilaugh” is also the email address I wrote you from, right? You could have found it by looking at your email.

    I got some sour news for you, though. (to be read in Andy Kaufman voice) I work in Hollywood, California. And nobody is going to give a shit about my radical leftist views when considering me for a job. Even if I confess to raping your cello and aborting our half-man/half-cello baby. This is not Wyoming, or wherever the fuck you live. I’ve lived in Middle-America before, and it sucks brown eye.

    You should read the “hate piece” on Lou Dobbs. It’s quite brilliant, if I do say so myself. On second thought, you’d probably just get all offended by it and start whining about aborted fetuses again. Go back to reading the Drudge Report, where like-minded individuals can tell you what you already believe.

    So… do you want an autographed picture or not? I gotta go masturbate and eat some cookies now. How you like them apples, prospective employer?!


  22. Yeah, I agree with Mr. O’Bryan 100%. Too bad his words are wasted on tiny minds incapable of processing opposing points of view.

    Google that, motherfucker.


  23. Did I mention that I absolutely LOATHE the sitting president? Pat the Belcher should tell HUAC. First, he’ll need to google HUAC and get a history lesson. Then he’ll have to resurrect Joe McCarthy. I suggest using the Necronomicon. You can google that as well.


  24. Again John for someone who is supposed to be so open minded and progressive I find that you’re the one o is close minded and opposed to dissent of your opinions.

    You asked me a question and I answered it politely, professionally, and without hurling insults or profanities. Since I didn’t automatically submit to your ideals you felt in necessary to berate me and my opinion with profanity after profanity.

    You my good sir are a hypocrite and without class.

    I wish you luck with your cartoon show. Meanwhile in my occupation I’ll be actually contributing something useful to society.

    Speaking of cartoons how sad is it that the best band in the death metal genre is a cartoon.

    Have a nice day. 🙂


  25. “You asked me a question and I answered it politely, professionally, and without hurling insults or profanities.”

    A) You did leave a couple of questions unanswered.
    B) Come on, the insult street runs two ways. Read some of the comments from your wife, and from my favorite troglodyte “Belchspeak”.

    “Meanwhile in my occupation I’ll be actually contributing something useful to society. ”

    I’ll be entertaining your children, filling their minds with homosexual propaganda.

    “Speaking of cartoons how sad is it that the best band in the death metal genre is a cartoon.”

    I knew we could agree on something! Perhaps you do have some shred of taste.


  26. Wow, you really write for Avatar? That’s pretty cool. I’ve never seen it but I’ve heard good things about it on some boards. Tell me, as a writer how were you able to break into working on a nationally syndicated program like that and what advice would you give to other people?

    Oh, and as far as Trench is concerned, dressing in all black and listening to heavy metal is the “profile of a school shooter to a T.” So he automatically believe that anyone who’d dare dress in all black and listen to heavy metal MUST be guilty of ANY crime that they’re accused of.


  27. So you’re Jim now instead of Jeff. Sorry, only one person around here gets to be JIm and you’re not him.

    You may want to get checked out for MPD.


  28. I’ll be entertaining your children, filling their minds with homosexual propaganda.

    My kids have outgrown cartoons and it wouldn’t bother me if they were gay.


  29. There’s no winning with you Trench. If someone who disagrees with you uses their real name or something close, then you and/or your goon squad stalk them online, accumulate as much information about them as humanly possible, then you proceed to threaten them and insult them with that information as much as humanly possible.

    If they don’t use their name, then you deride them as cowards for disagreeing with you but not wanting to be cyber-stalked by you. And you and your goons justify this behavior by imagining all who disagree with you as evil, mutants or idiots. And even if people post information proving that you’re full of shit, you twist it around and are like, “oh, even though this asshole jock is bragging about how people in the school called E/D faggots and homos and tried to drive them out of the place it wasn’t REALLY bullying, it was merely simple “teasing” which you are blowing out of proportion!”

    You never want to admit you’re wrong, you’re intolerant of dissent, and you’re a complete asshole to anyone who doesn’t march lock in step with your beliefs. But I guess part of the appeal of your site to so many (like the “dearly departed” Kimveer Gill) is watching you fight it out nonstop with people left and right.

    “Damien Echols and company fit that profile to a T.”

    So tell me Trench, what is your little “profile” for categorizing school shooters and how exactly did Damien Echols and company fit that profile? I think it’s ridiculous that just because they fit your “profile” you automatically heap and imagine guilt upon them.


  30. LMAO…Trench has “Goons.” heh heh heh I thought cooties was what you had….did the doctor misdiagnose?

    And actually Jeff…I’ve seen Trench admit he was wrong on more than one occassion. Last time I checked, people were free to have their own opinions….obviously Trench’s and yours don’t mesh. Might I suggest you call a “Waaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance?”


  31. Pointing out what people write online is not cyberstalking, Jeffrey. And if people don’t want others to see what they had previously typed online, they should be more careful to disguise their comments.

    Don’t blame the “Trench Goons.” Take your complaints to Google.


  32. Hentai involves sexually related stuff right… his show involves nothing but kids I think(fully clothed kids I believe)… is there something you are not telling us Belchy? You into that age group?


  33. Experts, your going to tell me that after 15 years some idiot is going to look at photos and tell people they are animal bites. Thats a load if I ever heard one.

    Answer the question, why did Lorri hire a PR person, too bad the judge put a gag order on the media circus.


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