NIU gunman’s autopsy

NIU gunman’s autopsy shows some antidepressant, cold medicine in his system, police say:

The autopsy of NIU gunman Stephen Kazmierczak showed that the only drugs in his system were trace amounts of an anti-depressant, a cold medicine, and nicotine.

Well, that blows my Ambien theory to hell.

Now the question is will the anti-pharmaceutical Luddites blame this on the anti-depressant, the lack thereof, or the cold medicine?

Don’t be surprised if we here from the anti-smoking brigade either.

UPDATE: It wasn’t an anti-depressant at all that was found in his system. It was the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

5 thoughts on “NIU gunman’s autopsy”

  1. It is also possible that the combination of the antidepressant and going off it suddenly could have made the guy crazier then he was to begin with. Many of these drugs you can’t just go off, you have to ween yourself off or they make you wose off, sounds like he didnt follow that advice.


  2. Not so much with xanax, I take it. Its not an anti-depressant, its like a chill pill. Much like a modern day valium (that they said wasnt addictive, yeah right)

    Granted, I only take one a day generally, and the lightest dosage, but I do take them.

    The cold medicine is more interesting, can they differentiate between meth and cold meds lately?


  3. He wasn’t just prescribed Xanax, that was just what was in his system, he was on other pills at some point in time (allegedly), those could have done some damage and then when he went off them and they left his system… Just a thought… I really do not get the picture that this guy was a monster, something changed him.


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