33-year-old mutant, Lee Billi

Normally I do this at MyCrimeSpace. That’s where I post stories about crimes related to MySpace and other social networking sites and occasionally post the MySpace of various criminals. However, with this particular criminal, I thought it would be more appropriate if I posted his MySpaces here.

The person in question is one 33-year-old Lee Billi of Lakewood, Ohio. As previously mentioned Billi is a co-conspirator along with a 16-year-old from Penn High School in Indiana in plotting to commit mass murder in a Columbine-like attack.

On my last post, I said I think that he may be the world’s oldest mutant. His mutancy has now been confirmed. Not only does he have a MySpace dedicated to the two cowardly scumbags, Harris and Klebold, but Billi also has two MySpaces dedicated to them.

In the first one, he refers to himself as Night Raven. Gee, that’s really original. I bet he was the first person to come up with that name.

The second one is entitled dylan and eric fought back for us. Fought back against what? A spoiled life?

Anyway, the best part is that it seems that Mr. Billi belongs to a group called TCMI which we obviously know what that stands for. Again it just shows the follower mentality of the mutants.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter. The guy is 33 years old. That means he was 24 when Columbine happened. That means he was theoretically removed from high school for 6 years when Columbine happened.

I wonder what excuse Billi will use. Will he claim that he was bullied over 15 years ago? Get over yourself loser.

3 thoughts on “33-year-old mutant, Lee Billi”

  1. I was friends with this guy during the high school years and for some years after, we lost touch some years ago after i left for the service. It is sad to see what has happened.I pray for his family and those affected by this. I also pray for him, because when I knew him, he was a good person. He had his problems, he was strange, but he also had a good heart. I choose to remember the good kid that I knew.


  2. Alright guys. Russell is a great kid and friend as well. Me and him were friends. The bull shit about Russell bulling this fucker is screwed up. Russell would never do that. If anything this man was bulling him! I know in my heart that Russell could never kill a person, hurt them or even hurt a fly!Trench Reynolds-STOP BEING AN ASS HOLE! You do not know this kid, and do not, I mean do not judge him on his mistakes! Ass hole!peen high school senior-You fucking ass hole! You do not know Russell so do not judge him! And as for your lil bro, I hope he gets bullied if he is anything like you! He would deserve that.Russell is a 16 year old boy. Not 18, so he should not be trialed as an adult! He would never do anything like this! God bless this boy, because every one is giving him shit!


    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20181214185709/https://whitepowercockkk.tumblr.com/
      I know it’s a very, very old post, but there is actually a 61-year-old (at least according to one of his own posts) mutant/columbiner.
      The blog name already is a huge red flag. If you don’t want to click and view it yourself, here is one of the posts there:

      ‘Rachel Scott’s dead,’ he said.
      Aaron was just giving us a name. He didn’t realize that we both knew Rachel, or that Steve dated Rachel for a long time. When Steve heard the news, he fell silent. Then he collapsed.
      No Easy Answers: The Truth about Death at Columbine (via naturalbornmartyrs)
      [Note: This is a quote from a book, posted by presumably another Columbine blog, as one can easily guess from the name. Below is the comment he made to that post.]
      My insensitivity is maturing nicely. We’re supposed to care about this bitch? Even a teensy-weensy flying fucKKK would be an insult to memories of Eric and Dylan.


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