Lawyer wants journal kept private

Lawyer: Keep private journal of SC teen accused in bomb plot:

It seems that the lawyer representing Ryan Schallenberger has finally started doing his job. He’s requested that Schallenberger’s private journal that details his plot against Chesterfield High School not to be made public.

That’s not the same as making the journal inadmissible. Attorney Michael Meetze feels that making the journal public would taint the jury pool.

3 thoughts on “Lawyer wants journal kept private”

  1. These TCMI People are completely the opposite of what believe.

    I want to help the weak the the bullied. They want to destroy the weak and be the bullies themselves

    I worship life. They worship death.

    They believe the end justifies the means. I don’t

    They have bastardized what the original trenchcoat mafia stood for. Originally they started as a social group to defend each other from columbine’s bullies not a mass murderer social club.

    I’m thinking about taking these people on as a personal project and to try to use logic and facts to try to reason with them.


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